hold together

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hold together

1. To keep the component parts of something together. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "hold" and "together." Here's a binder clip to hold your report together. I don't think glue will hold the figurine together for long.
2. To cause a group of people to remain together. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "hold" and "together." My aunt was the glue that held our family together. After she died, I hardly ever saw my relatives.
3. To calm oneself down and begin to think or act appropriately. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun is used between "hold" and "together." I know you're stressed out, but you need to hold yourself together and get this report done! We need you to be focused, so hold yourself together!
4. To be operational or functional. Based on the sounds it's making, I don't think the lawn mower is going to hold together for much longer.
5. To fit together in a logical or sensible manner. I think they're lying because parts of their story just don't hold together.
See also: hold, together

hold oneself together

Fig. to maintain one's calmness or sanity. I don't know if I can hold myself together through another horrible day like this one. I don't know how she held herself together through all her troubles.
See also: hold, together

hold someone or something together

to keep a group of people or things together. She worked at two jobs in order to hold her family together. Our club was failing despite our efforts to hold it together.
See also: hold, together

hold something together

to keep the parts of an object together. Hold this broken vase together until I get back with the glue. What can I use to hold this together?
See also: hold, together

hold together

[for something] to keep from falling apart. Don't run the engine too fast because it won't hold together. Do you think that this book will hold together much longer?
See also: hold, together

hold together

1. To keep something from falling apart: The paper clip held together the memos. The rubber band held the manuscript together.
2. To remain functional and whole: I'm surprised that old car is still holding together so well. I hope this computer holds together until I can afford a new one. My family has managed to hold together through some tough times.
3. To maintain one's composure. Used reflexively: Hold yourself together. He held himself together after the accident.
4. To be logically sound: Your explanation doesn't really hold together.
See also: hold, together
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"I'm trying to organise heaps of things to help find him and am trying to hold myself together. I thank and appreciate all you guys are doing for us, the shares help."
"I'm glad to hold myself together against the best player in the world on my Crucible debut, it doesn't get any better than that.
"To hold myself together to beat the best player in the world on my Crucible debut is special.
Quickly coming to full draw, I did my best to hold myself together as I anchored, peered through my peep and placed my top pin on the vitals.
It was not the easiest thing to do.' So I tried to hold myself together."
I couldn't hold myself together. I began crying and wrapped my arms around myself.
"To hold myself together in the end, knowing I'm going to come out in the final, is unbelievable.
I can barely hold myself together," the bereaved widow told Gulf News, trying hard to control her emotions.
He said: "When I was in Afghanistan, I went through quite a rough time and I'mstill trying to deal with it and hold myself together. "I'm quite a proud individual, five generations of my family have served in the British armed forces, and I'm finding it very hard to understand why I was abandoned and left to die in Afghanistan because of internal politics in the British Embassy." Malone was kept in jail for longer than his two-year sentence because Afghan authorities refused to free him until he had paid back alleged debts of $75,000 (pounds 49,000).
"I've got a young son and a daughter, who are proud of me, but to be backed in front of them gives you goosebumps and at times I was doing well to hold myself together."
"I knew that before I set out and it gives me a lot of confidence that I was able to hold myself together - until now."
"I was nicely placed after the the first run and managed to hold myself together in the second and take the silver.