hold in

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hold something in

 and keep something in 
1. and hold something inside ((of) one(self)); keep something inside ((of) one(self)) Fig. to keep one's emotions inside oneself. You really shouldn't hold those feelings inside of you. I have kept all this inside myself too long. You shouldn't hold in all that anger.
2. Lit. to hold in one's stomach, gut, belly, etc. Hold your belly in so you don't look like a blimp. Hold in your stomach.
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The following points should be noted when dealing with the Hold In personality:
Many Hold In managers have had to break through this block to some extent.
When a Hold In manager has dealt with his assertion issue, he is excellent leadership material.
In summary, the Hold In manager is an enormous resource of energy and reliability; manage them well so all that resource remains intact.
Typically Hold Ins are responsive to family needs, love their children and strive for a balance between home and work.
Another helpful diagram for Hold Ins is one that charts the migration of unexpressed anger into the cold landscapes of resentment and hate [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 10 OMITTED].
Hold Ins are very identified with care and loving, so to find themselves in states of negativity produces much self-disapproval and stress.