hold in

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hold something in

 and keep something in 
1. and hold something inside ((of) one(self)); keep something inside ((of) one(self)) Fig. to keep one's emotions inside oneself. You really shouldn't hold those feelings inside of you. I have kept all this inside myself too long. You shouldn't hold in all that anger.
2. Lit. to hold in one's stomach, gut, belly, etc. Hold your belly in so you don't look like a blimp. Hold in your stomach.
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The chest area is relaxed and open; the warmth of a free and available heart is typical of many Hold In personalities.
For the Hold In personality to expand into full potential there must be a release of blocked aggressive/assertive energies which may then be harnessed for positive, assertive movement into the world.
A crucial shift in consciousness occurs when a Hold In personality realizes that in order to protect the love or regard they have for another they must express and clear angry thoughts and feelings.
The Hold In and the Hold Back patterns develop after the "age of reason".
The following points should be noted when dealing with the Hold In personality:
Many Hold In managers have had to break through this block to some extent.
When a Hold In manager has dealt with his assertion issue, he is excellent leadership material.