hold horses

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hold your horses

Wait a moment or be patient (often because you are moving too quickly or thoughtlessly). Whoa, hold your horses, kids. We're going to sing before we start eating cake. I know you're excited to see the prototype, but you all just need to hold your horses while we get set up.
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hold one's horses

Slow down, be patient, as in Dad told Kevin to hold his horses on Christmas shopping, since it was only July, or Hold your horses, I'm coming. This expression alludes to a driver making horses wait by holding the reins tightly. [Slang; c. 1840]
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hold (one's) horses

To restrain oneself.
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'We have a spelling yard where we hold horses for bloodstock agencies before they go abroad and we break horses for different trainers.
Approximately, one quarter of the mounted unit was required to "hold horses".
RACING will not sell itself to a wider audience as long as jockeys hold horses back and save them for another day, as long as trainers send out horses to run down the field who then suddenly and 'mysteriously' improve, as long as they run horses over the wrong distance and on the wrong going, as long as they seek to prevent the public from gleaning all relevant information through such as TurfTrax (satellite tracking and timing of runners) and as long as trainers who speak to TV commentators use the same old, meaningless cliches and avoid answering questions.
Amy was granted immunity by federal authorities for his testimony against jockey Con Errico, who in 1974 and 1975 offered him bribes to hold horses.
Time was when the waistband-stretchers in the stand would tell you Fitzgerald was a one-club golfer, who could only hold horses up and compounded the shortcoming by being weak in a finish.