hold (one's) head (up) high

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hold (one's) head (up) high

To feel and show pride in oneself, especially in times of difficulty, failure, or embarrassment. I know you're unhappy that you lost, but you should hold your head high and be proud of all you accomplished this season. No matter the outcome, they can hold their heads up high that they did a good job on this.
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hold one's head high

Also, hold one's head up; hold up one's head. Behave proudly; maintain one's dignity. For example, After the bankruptcy Mr. Jones still held his head high, or Grandma told Brian he could hold his head up because he'd tried extremely hard, or After that newspaper article, I'm not sure I'll ever hold up my head again. All these expressions allude to a posture of pride. [Second half of 1500s]
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hold your head (up) high

be confident or unashamed.
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LIZZIE ARMITSTEAD will hold her head high in Rio on Sunday citing "incredibly difficult" family circumstances as the reason she almost got an anti-doping ban.
LIZZIE Armitstead has vowed to hold her head high in the Rio Olympics on Sunday after citing "incredibly difficult" family circumstances as the reason she came close to an anti-doping ban.
Carol can hold her head high in the knowledge that she wasn't prepared to sit back and watch as her two boys broke the law.
Last night, Miss Hildreth said she could hold her head high following the judgment.
A bit too quiet to really make her mark in the house, at least she'll be able to hold her head high once she exits back into the real world, unlike the Graces and Nikkis of the show.