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hold (one's) hand

1. Literally, to grasp one's hand and continue holding it, typically while walking together or sitting next to each other, often as a show of affection. I think it's so sweet how Jenny holds Tim's hand when they walk into school.
2. To comfort or support one when they are frightened, anxious, or distressed. I know you're worried about giving your speech, but I'll be there to hold your hand.
3. To carefully guide one through something; to make something very easy for one. Thank you, but I can figure these problems out myself without you holding my hand. The video game is brutally difficult, and it doesn't hold the player's hand at any point.
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hold someone's hand

1. Lit. to hold the hand of someone who is frightened, especially a child. Please hold Jimmy's hand when you cross the street.
2. Fig. to comfort someone who is anxious or frightened. You'll be all right, won't you? You don't need anyone to hold your hand, do you?
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And fans had heard rumours of a scene where the characters would hold hands, and were left upset when it did not happen.
Adding to the big names signing up President Ronald Reagan agreed to hold hands, despite his administration coming under fire for the very policies that were thought to create the homelessness issue the charity was hoping to help.
Prince William and Middleton rarely hold hands or touch each other in public.
Twenty-two percent opt only to hold hands with family and friends.
Is it too much to still want to hold hands or kiss?
Instead, Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands often reads like a checklist of hot young-adult subjects rather than as a fully integrated novel." ELLEN KANNER
When men and women hold hands men usually take the dominant position, usually because they are taller but even when height is not a factor, the study showed than men favoured being the overhand because it gave them a position of power, according to Slate.
The myth you are not allowed to hold hands in public in the UAE has also made people EoACAystressed ' said Kayed.
WARM SILENCE WE walked a mile just you and me Along the beach beside the sea We did not speak we just held hands Inhaled the smell of the salt-washed breeze Set free our minds with the ebbing tide Let the sun kiss our faces - it feels warm and so kind Like the promise of a pleasure that is secret just to us As we walk words have no meaning We just hold hands And know that this mile by the water Speaks the words of the pleasure Captured in the silence Known only to us.
With these Smittens, you each get one regular glove, but you share the other, meaning that you can hold hands properly without getting chilled.
That's tragic, they can't even hold hands!", because that would end their relationship - and Chuck's life - for good.
DAVE Even if you didn't hold hands, you were probably close enough to this dude to plant some suspicion in your boyfriend's head.
They usually hold hands at a certain point instead of just a brief, embarrassed, you know, 'Peace,'" she laughed.
Last July, Cockett was one of those behind an event which brought 300 residents onto the streets to 'hold hands around St Anns'.
I would like to comment on the January Glad You Asked ("Why do we hold hands during the Our Father?") by David Philippart.