hold somebody/something dear

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hold (someone or something) dear

To consider someone or something to be very valuable or important, especially at a personal level. Even though this old pocket watch doesn't work anymore, I still hold it dear as it was the last thing my grandfather ever gave me. I consider myself a pretty gregarious person, but there are only a few people I truly hold dear.
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hold somebody/something ˈdear

(formal) feel that somebody/something is of great value: He laughed at the ideas they held dear.
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We think about the folk we all hold dear, And with them all a Happy New Year
The nefarious Lord Voldemort and his followers continue to grow in power, threatening everything that Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) and his followers hold dear.
You were such a special person in the way you cared, a beautiful nature and a heart of gold, these are the memories we will always hold dear in our hearts.
You didn't want houses, you made that very clear So let's build a pool on the land you hold dear So what do you all think of this great idea?
Of the 27 books of the New Testament, 13 of them are attributed to St Paul, and Holland argues that St Paul's teachings, far from distorting the message of Jesus, are at the heart of much of what Christians hold dear today.
The words within are moving, giving readers much to appreciate and hold dear, making "Powerful Prayers for Everyday Living" a strong choice for any religious reader.
1 : to hold dear : feel or show affection for <cherish a friend>
Still, we need to find our way even without a clear game plan, facing what feels to be daily bruising news of layoffs and cutbacks of the work we hold dear.
The Russian word zhivago means life and Yuri Zhivago, the poet, the doctor, the man had a profound awareness of all those things which we hold dear.
There is ego and self-interest at work here but if he gets the issue of the erosion of the rights we all hold dear on to the front pages then I'm all for it.
But campaign group Republic said, "The suggestion an allegiance to the Queen will strengthen national identity is offensive to those of us who believe democracy and equality are the values we as a nation should hold dear.
It was a very natural decision for us to join with another very successful, highly regarded company with the same values, the same care and concern for their customers, and the same quality and service standards we hold dear," said Frank Brownell, Brownells president.
When we meet the monstrous Vidal, it's easy to understand why Ofelia might want to hold dear to fantasy.
As a sign of respect for that person, out of respect for your bond as Natives and also to maintain the community ties we all hold dear.
These guys were around the LA punk scene that they hold dear but at the same time Dave helped birth the brand of doom metal only St.