hold attention

hold someone's attention

Fig. to keep someone's attention; to keep someone interested. The boring teacher could not hold the students' attention. The mystery novel held my attention and I couldn't put it down.
See also: attention, hold
References in classic literature ?
Their usual main or only purpose is to hold attention by successions of marvellous adventures, natural or supernatural; of structure, therefore, they are often destitute; the characters are ordinarily mere types; and motivation is little considered.
Through bite-sized pieces, users can wrap any content, function or web service into a storytelling user experience that grab and hold attention quickly.
The film feels utterly stagnant, devoid of any anchors that would hold attention.
Standing tall at more than sixfeet, the moustached Malkhan with a red tilak on his forehead manages to hold attention of the crowds.
The music itself is polished X Factor perfection; scrubbed so hard, in fact, that it becomes smooth and forgettable, but peppered with just enough enjoyable sounds and flashing colours to hold attention and capture the imagination.
Again, a few moments between Ranbir and the cops [portrayed by Ranbir's real-life parents, Rishi and Neetu Kapoor] do hold attention, especially Ranbir's outburst in the finale when Jaaved attacks Neetu Kapoor, but the sequences between Rishi and Neetu are, at times, over the top.
The multi-faith school, described as having a Sikh ethos, attracted criticism from inspectors for its teaching, with bright pupils often set easy work and a lack of interesting work to hold attention.
Whether it is a full play or a short introduction, a well-crafted story will hold attention, be entertaining, and be memorable in regards to the interpretive theme.
Even scantily clothed ladies can't always hold attention for the duration of a pop song, but Frederick is full of surprises and delights.
The view in the spring season is very impressive as the purple and crimson mixed flower-laden almond trees hold attention of the visitors.
Lessons are based on a military scenario and taught with visual aids to hold attention.
While slower computerised jams struggled to hold attention, set closing anthem 'Ambling Alp' exploded like a supernova among the crowd.
Contrary to our expectations that this sign would be least likely to capture and hold attention, it was quite comparable to some of our more novel messages.
Although I was very introverted and shy, Tegan and I could hold attention at an early age.