hold at

hold someone or something at something

to keep someone or something at some distance, such as an arm's length, respectful distance, comfortable distance, etc. I held the child at an arm's length until he could be calmed. The police held the crowd at a distance from the injured man.
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Frequently he's assigned a hold at a controller-defined fix (e.g., "XYZ 050 radial, 20 DME fix") that is not published anywhere on the charts or in his panel-mounted, GPS-driven display database.
Even so, there's no need to fly around the hold at cruise speed.
Use the GPS OBS mode when assigned a hold at something other than a published fix.
If you're experiencing an abnormal condition, such as an electrical abnormality or the need to manually extend landing gear, request a hold at a safe altitude in which to run your checklist and troubleshoot as needed.
For most personal aircraft, speed limitations are not something we need to worry about and--since we're going nowhere in a hurry when holding--we'd suggest flying the hold at best-endurance power.
Perhaps more significantly, when the former shareholders or partners of the domestic entity hold at least 80% of the foreign surrogate corporation, that foreign corporation will be treated as a domestic corporation for all Sec.