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While delving into the theme of hohum librarians, these participants provided insight into a dynamic school library profession.
Think the media would greet that with a similar "Hohum," or an "About time!"--the way many have greeted these infringements on the right to keep and bear arms?
So, the employees will either love you their boss for your inspiring Monday morning speech, or they will have one more reason to get back at you by spreading an embarrassingor hohum storyto prove that your feet, after all, are made of clay.
Kris Aquino's life is never hohum. And the 'Queen of All Media' lived up to that reputation in 2014.
If you're a regular at Crumbs Bake Shop, Georgetown Cupcake, Magnolia Bakery, Sprinkles Cupcakes, or similar places, having cupcakes over the holidays may seem hohum. If not, an array of cupcakes may look like the perfect dessert to serve guests.
He cites a "hohum era of smartphones" lacking in revolutionary improvements to the overall product.
While exceptions certainly exist, this indicates a pretty hohum situation for retailers, and this has to make them a bit jittery going into the critical fourth quarter.
Yet another attempt to mix raunchy excess and romantic-comedy sweetness in an anything-goes raucous farce, "The Babymakers" offers a few big laughs between hohum stretches of frenetic vamping.
The curse strikes again with Shelter, a hohum psychological thriller from Londonborn screenwriter Michael Cooney (Identity) that is just as loopy as some of the thinly sketched characters.
I'm well aware that what I may deem stimulating and interesting some of you will not, and possibly a few of you may think the news is hohum and boring.
The above capabilities are almost hohum when considering the advanced features such as dials, gauges and components.
FOR THE QUIRKY COUSIN No hohum gifts at the Bone Room.
After all, the sight of a blow-fish driving a car while being pursued by gadget-wielding alien catchers is pretty hohum in the world inhabited by the team from Torchwood.
So I was expecting 1408, based on a story by American horror legend Stephen King, to be another in a long line of hohum shockers.