hog wild

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hog wild

In an uncontrolled manner, often due to excitement. The crowd had been cheering, but they really went hog wild once the lead singer took the stage. Your students will go hog wild if you never discipline them.
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hog wild

wild; out of control. I went hog wild at the sale and bought six new pairs of shoes. There were a dozen different desserts at the picnic. A person who liked sweets could go hog wild.
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mod. wild; boisterous. All the kids were completely hog-wild by the time I got there.
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go hog wild, to

To go berserk; to go crazy with excitement. An Americanism dating from about 1905, this expression is a mysterious metaphor. Possibly it refers to the manic struggles of animals being taken away for slaughter, or perhaps it once meant unseemly enthusiasm, hogs being associated mostly with negative characteristics.
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