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1. verb To pawn something. Things got so bad after I lost my job last summer that had to hock my guitar.
2. noun A foot. Sit down and rest your hocks after that long run.

in hock

1. In debt. I picked a smaller, more affordable school so I didn't have to be deep in hock with student loans for years after I graduated.
2. Having been pawned. I really needed cash, so my guitars are in hock, unfortunately.
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go into hock

go into debt. We will have to go into hock to buy a house. I go further into hock every time I use my credit card.
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in hock

in debt. After buying the luxury car, Bob was in hock for years.
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out of hock

1. Lit. [of something] bought back from a pawn shop. When I get my watch out of hock, I will always be on time.
2. Fig. out of debt; having one's debts paid. When I pay off my credit cards, I'll be out of hock for the first time in years.
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in hock

1 having been pawned. 2 in debt.
Hock here comes from the Dutch word hok meaning ‘hutch’ or ‘prison’. Originally mid 19th-century US slang, this sense of hock is now found only in this phrase or, occasionally, in out of hock .
2 1998 Spectator Our conservatoires are still in hock to the Germano-Austrian symphonic tradition.
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from soda to hock

from beginning to end. dated
In the card game faro, the soda is the exposed top card at the beginning of a deal, while the hock is the last card remaining in the box after all the others have been dealt.
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be in ˈhock (to somebody)

(informal) owe money: I’m in hock for about €5 000. Hock comes from the Dutch word for prison.
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1. tv. to pawn something. I tried to hock my watch to get some money.
2. n. a foot. My hocks are sore from all that walking.

hock a luggie

(ˈhɑk ɑ ˈlugi)
tv. to cough up and spit out phlegm. Tom suppressed the urge to hock a luggie over the bridge railing.
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in hock

mod. pawned. My watch is already in hock.
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