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ad hoc

Created when necessary for a specific purpose (as opposed to being planned or prepared in advance). The phrase is Latin for "to this." Let's form an ad hoc committee to make some recommendations to the board, and then we'll decide how to address this issue. Ad hoc wireless networks often present security risks to unsuspecting mobile device users.
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et hoc genus omne

From Latin, meaning "and all this/that sort of thing," used to allude to or include other similar things without naming them directly. The government has promised to crack down on the top companies in the world—Bike Roh Soft, Floogle, Slamazon, et hoc genus omne—for their failure to pay their appropriate share of taxes. The plot is a tired treatise on the burdens facing the affluent elite—lack of purpose, estranged relationships, et hoc genus omne.
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ad hoc

For the special purpose or end at hand; also, by extension, improvised or impromptu. The term, Latin for "to this," is most often used for committees established for a specific purpose, as in The committee was formed ad hoc to address health insurance problems. The term is also used as an adjective ( An ad hoc committee was formed), and has given rise to the noun adhocism for the tendency to use temporary, provisional, or improvised methods to deal with a particular problem. [Early 1600s]
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ˌad ˈhoc

(from Latin) arranged or happening when necessary and not planned in advance: The meetings will be held on an ad hoc basis.
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Hoc was further convicted of raping a student in the Lothian area and physically assaulting another.
That was the time Go Hoc decided to look for more volunteer teachers.
HOC was introduced this year to clear the country's increasing overhang units which according to Napic totalled 32,936 units of residential properties valued at RM19.96 billion.
The ad hoc committee was given 24-hours to scrutinise the supplementary budget and report back to the House on Thursday.
Similarly, 102 of the 188 employees in BPS 1 to 16 were appointed on ad hoc basis without availability of posts.
The ad hoc relief would be based upon basic pay scales of 2017.
First released in Security China 2018, "Dahua Heart of City (HOC)" is a smart city development engine supported by Full Sensing, Full Intelligence, Full Computing, and Full Ecosystem (4 Full) As the engine of cities and industry, Dahua HOC will act as a heart that is capable of sensing a city's pulse and data, while driving healthy city development.
The concerned officials of the District Health Authority Sialkot told that the above-mentioned 68 ad hoc WMOs have been terminated from their jobs after the appointment of the regular women medical officers (WMOs) there through the Punjab Public Service Commission.
This provision says if a quorum is not obtained to enable the Court to hear any case, a circuit judge in the order of seniority shall sit as an ad hoc justice of the Supreme Court.
Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) representative Raheel Kamran Sheikh has called for parliament's approval on the appointment of an ad hoc judge.
In this research work, we used a well know ad hoc routing protocol Ad hoc On Demand Distance Vector (AODV) under a peer-to-peer network protocol Gnutella.
This year, the RJAC which consists of 45 committee members--including liaisons from the Board of Governors, the Clerks Association, and all the various rules committees--was divided into six standing committees and six ad hoc committees.
Lawmakers in Bulgaria are set to discuss a demand by the country's Chief Prosecutor on the immunity of nationalist Ataka party's leader Volen Siderov and of an Ataka member and MP, Desislav Chukolov.On Tuesday, an ad hoc committee <a href="http://www.novinite.com/articles/171645/Ad-hoc+Committee+in+Bulgarian+Parliament+Agrees+to+Lift+Siderov%E2%80%99s+Immunity">granted Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov's request to revoke the immunity of both lawmakers.Tsatsarov demanded that Parliament take the step to allow Siderov and Chukolov's arrest on charges of hooliganism.Neither Siderov nor Chukolov have given up on their immunity.
TERMING Boxing India's ( BI) Senior Women's ' National Championship' illegal, the AIBA- appointed ad hoc committee on Monday asked the Sports Authority of India to take action against its organisers.