hobnob with

hobnob with (someone)

To interact with someone, typically someone who has more power, fame, or success than oneself. I can't hobnob with those ladies—they're executives at the biggest company in town!
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hobnob with someone or something

to associate with someone or a group, especially with those more wealthy, famous, etc. I'm not used to hobnobbing with such luminaries. Walter is spending a lot of time hobnobbing with the very rich.
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The "Haus of Bacon" pop-up art gallery offered guests a chance to hobnob with celebrity felines (including Friskies' spokescat Grumpy Cat as well as Nala Cat, Waffles, SamHasEyebrows, Oskar the Blind Cat and his brother Klaus), browse artist Jason Mecier's "one-of-a-kind" cat portraits made from bacon, and, of course, nibble on a few bacon-covered treats.
Earlier this year the songstress headed to Hollywood to hobnob with some of the world's biggest stars and all that networking has clearly paid off .
In the meantime, Durst is planning a trip to China next week to attend an economic conference sponsored by Vantone, where he expects to hobnob with more potential tenants.[Crain's]
Industry analysts say that he would try spending more time in Hollywood to liaison for more work or hobnob with Hollywood actors.
NEIGHBOURS' Ian Smith says he does not hobnob with his fellow stars outside work.
So let's get this straight - these people have spent the last few months living in a multi-million pound house in central London, with all expenses paid, getting to hobnob with the stars, and now they're imploring ordinary people to spend their hard-earned money saving them from the fate worse than death that is their actual life.
But when she eventually got in and tried to hobnob with the celebs they didn't know who she was.
Watching Gordon Brown hobnob with his EU colleagues brought to mind the words of another Scot, the pioneer economist Adam Smith:
2 Queer Lounge at Sundance 1/21-1/29, 2006 Who'd have guessed that the best place to hobnob with Hollywood's hottest queer filmmakers would be in a tiny former silver mining town in the mountains of Utah?
For decades Straub was a successful Hollywood television producer more likely to hobnob with the rich and famous than the poor and downtrodden.
Lubin's Shooting Kennedy vastly elaborates the Rosenquist technique, allowing JFK--and consort Jacqueline--to hobnob with a promiscuous assortment of fellow images.
Hobnob with visiting luminaries at the Hotel Monaco's wine hour (5-6 P.M.; 17th and Champa Streets; 303/296-1717) or trendy Panzano Restaurant (attached to the hotel).
CORRECTION: Though Jesse Jackson blasted his own country (which did send a delegation), while at the racism conference he was delighted to hobnob with the likes of terrorist Arafat and Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, among the world's most bloodstained tyrants.
Well that is the price to pay when you hobnob with a celebrity.