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hobnob with someone or something

to associate with someone or a group, especially with those more wealthy, famous, etc. I'm not used to hobnobbing with such luminaries. Walter is spending a lot of time hobnobbing with the very rich.
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Some classics failed to make it into the top 10 - Rich Tea were 14th and Hobnobs were 19th.
Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Mountain View, California, Hobnob is a network technology company that is changing the competitive landscape in mobile.
Her parents probably thought that joke about HobNobs was absolutely fine, too.
He said: "Here we have our very own chocolate HobNob and custard cream - Diane Abbott and Michael Portillo.
Biscuit makers McVitie's has introduced a new type of HobNob - the HobNob cream.
2 Queer Lounge at Sundance 1/21-1/29, 2006 Who'd have guessed that the best place to hobnob with Hollywood's hottest queer filmmakers would be in a tiny former silver mining town in the mountains of Utah?
Lubin's Shooting Kennedy vastly elaborates the Rosenquist technique, allowing JFK--and consort Jacqueline--to hobnob with a promiscuous assortment of fellow images.
Not much to cheer for the Anglo-Irish contingent at Deauville, except for the success of Moss Trooper (Stuart Murless/Joe Mercer), who pips Citoyen (Jean de Choubersky/Gerard Rivases) in the Prix Kergorlay, in which Willie Carson is third on Hobnob (Harry Wragg) and Lester Piggott a very disappointing fourth on Gold Cup winner Sagaro (Francois Boutin).
The ability to hobnob with neighboring exhibitors can be the start of a good business contact.
Industry analysts say that he would try spending more time in Hollywood to liaison for more work or hobnob with Hollywood actors.
A BIT like a cross between a HobNob and a digestive, these are crumbly but light with just enough buttery sweetness.
The trusty HobNob has been given a zesty new look and taste.
Apathy has won the day, in the shape of said comfortable settee, digital television, and, increasingly, a Chocolate HobNob.
Hobnob (Harry Wragg/ Willie Carson) battles his way to a narrow victory over Corby (Peter Walwyn/Pat Eddery) in the Dante Stakes at York, but he remains available at 50-1 for the Derby.