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hobnob with (someone)

To interact with someone, typically someone who has more power, fame, or success than oneself. I can't hobnob with those ladies—they're executives at the biggest company in town!
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hobnob with someone or something

to associate with someone or a group, especially with those more wealthy, famous, etc. I'm not used to hobnobbing with such luminaries. Walter is spending a lot of time hobnobbing with the very rich.
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A Pladis spokesman said: "As part of a refresh to our McVitie's Creams range, including new flavours and a modern new look to the packaging, we have made some changes to the pack size of the Hobnobs Creams.
Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Mountain View, California, Hobnob is a network technology company that is changing the competitive landscape in mobile.
Her parents probably thought that joke about HobNobs was absolutely fine, too.
According to the company, Hobnob's control panel provides organisations with full control over events, allowing them to easily create an event and change web and e-mail content.
Watching Gordon Brown hobnob with his EU colleagues brought to mind the words of another Scot, the pioneer economist Adam Smith:
Biscuit makers McVitie's has introduced a new type of HobNob - the HobNob cream.
2 Queer Lounge at Sundance 1/21-1/29, 2006 Who'd have guessed that the best place to hobnob with Hollywood's hottest queer filmmakers would be in a tiny former silver mining town in the mountains of Utah?
Lubin's Shooting Kennedy vastly elaborates the Rosenquist technique, allowing JFK--and consort Jacqueline--to hobnob with a promiscuous assortment of fellow images.
Not much to cheer for the Anglo-Irish contingent at Deauville, except for the success of Moss Trooper (Stuart Murless/Joe Mercer), who pips Citoyen (Jean de Choubersky/Gerard Rivases) in the Prix Kergorlay, in which Willie Carson is third on Hobnob (Harry Wragg) and Lester Piggott a very disappointing fourth on Gold Cup winner Sagaro (Francois Boutin).
The ability to hobnob with neighboring exhibitors can be the start of a good business contact.
Industry analysts say that he would try spending more time in Hollywood to liaison for more work or hobnob with Hollywood actors.
A BIT like a cross between a HobNob and a digestive, these are crumbly but light with just enough buttery sweetness.
The trusty HobNob has been given a zesty new look and taste.
Apathy has won the day, in the shape of said comfortable settee, digital television, and, increasingly, a Chocolate HobNob.
The trophy for the mini champion pony and rider was presented by Anne Jewson to Ashley Thomas and Starlyte Hobnob, with Thomas Baker on Charlie Chick the reserve.