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(as) hoarse as a crow

Speaking with a very raspy voice; very hoarse. Since I'm hoarse as a crow today, I'm not going to speak for much longer. I woke up hoarse as a crow after belting out my favorite songs all night long at the concert.
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*hoarse as a crow

very hoarse. (*Also: as ~.) After shouting at the team all afternoon, the coach was as hoarse as a crow. Jill: Has Bob got a cold? Jane: No, he's always hoarse as a crow.
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When he went onstage, people were half pissed and half disappointed that his voice was very hoarse.'
ON HIS HIGH HOARSE Antonio Conte shows passion as he roars out his instructions and ends up nearly voiceless
Table 1: Showing the vocal assessment between preoperative, postoperative stage I and postoperative stage II (for vowel /a/) Voice Mean Scores for Vowel /a/ Quality Preoperative Postoperative I Post operative II Hoarse 1.2 1.7 0.9 Harsh 0.8 1.3 0.8 Breathy 1.7 1.6 1.3 Hoarse
McDermott, standing in to address the media for boss Lee Clark, who shouted himself hoarse during Blues 4-1 win over Sheffield Wednesday, added: "I don't think anyone expected that from Jesse.
"Just close your eyes and take the plunge" His mum yelled 'til she was hoarse So off he went, with a flap of his wings And nature took its course!
Jacqueline Simpson told the New York Post that the glass left her with a "hoarse, rattly voice" and unable to sing soprano like she used to, Radar online reported.
Q My daughter comes back from high school athletic events so hoarse she can barely speak.
With hoarse, defiant vocals and an unrelenting synthesized beat, Combichrist is a bit of a surprise.
The premier is also expected to attend the Turkey-Qatar Business Forum before returning to Turkey, however, officials noted that Erdogan's speech at the forum might be cancelled due to hoarse throat.
But there are many causes of a hoarse voice that lingers for more than a couple of weeks (laryngitis, an inflammation of the vocal chords, is acute and usually lasts less than a few weeks).
child, the hoarse names of the city-- let there be a universe in which
What if the Prime Minister gets a hoarse voice following the telephone conversation?
The frog of a horse's foot--hooves in the west pasture, hoarse chorus surging from the marshes.
In a randomised prospective trial conducted in China, we tested the primary hypothesis that endobronchial blockers, including the new Coopdech blocker, would be associated with less sore throat or hoarse voice than double-lumen tubes.