hoarse as a crow

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*hoarse as a crow

very hoarse. (*Also: as ~.) After shouting at the team all afternoon, the coach was as hoarse as a crow. Jill: Has Bob got a cold? Jane: No, he's always hoarse as a crow.
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With regard to vocal assessment in our study of vowels /a/, /i/ and /u/ under the category: Hoarse, Harsh and Breathy; the results were found to be not statistically significant.
Over time, especially if she does that often, she can develop vocal cord nodules that will make her voice stay hoarse all of the time.
In addition to patients declining to take part, study exclusion criteria included age less than 18 years, obesity, pregnancy, reflux, known or suspected difficult tracheal intubation or pre-existing hoarse voice or sore throat.
To this day," she once wrote, "sick, tired, hoarse, or running a high fever, I can always sing Violetta.
Now the club is urging every fan to arrive decked in Albion colours - and roar themselves hoarse.
The Pittodrie midfielder (right) has suffered the condition for two years but is now constantly hoarse and can barely speak.
Is that a lump in Pat Cowan's throat, or is the UCLA quarterback just a little hoarse trying to describe how he'll be feeling after these Notre Dame horsemen send him larynx-first into the high grass in South Bend?
Common symptoms are heavy menstrual bleeding, memory problems, depression, tingling in your hands and feet, weight gain, pounding heart, dry skin, hair loss, brittle nails, always feeling cold, weakness, fatigue, constipation and hoarse voice.
It's heavy and dark in places, reminiscent of his old band Skin Yard, but also straight ahead, guitars up front, blasting, and his vocals sound kind of hoarse and raspy like Lemmy.
The call came after research showed that teachers with damaged voices that sounded hoarse or 'breathy' often lost the attention of their pupils.
They take a certain pride in their voices being hoarse and in not having showered for four days.
THE chairman of Christie's auction house said Lord Linley cheered himself hoarse over the huge prices realised from selling his mother's treasures.
Last May, the foreign press, progressive activists, and the leftwing media inside the United States shouted themselves hoarse over what they considered the smoking gun in Bush's Iraq War deception--the Downing Street Memo.
DEAR AFI: I've been in menopause for about a year and my husband tells me that my voice has dropped an octave and I sound a little hoarse.
She returned to work 3 weeks after surgery, but she became progressively more hoarse.