hoard up

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hoard something up

to accumulate a large store of something against bad times. Scott was hoarding canned goods up for the hard times ahead. He hoarded up many pounds of canned tuna.
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Work is currently under way on a new exhibition at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery to display part of the hoard in a purpose built gallery and provide visitors with an insight into the Anglo-Saxon world.
If the money is raised, the pieces are likely to end up in museums with the original Staffordshire Hoard, which was found in a field near Lichfield in 2009 by metal detectorist Terry Herbert.
The new exhibition features never-before-seen footage of the actual excavation of the hoard in 1964, along with a striking display which shows the armour in its original state, adjacent to a replica which will help visitors envisage how the armour once looked.
Purchasing dollars to hoard and earn profit by the increase in its price is a grave sin and disloyalty to the country in the present economic situation.
It is the second hoard of denarii to be found in Warwickshire and this most recent discovery contains 78 coins dating back to AD 68-69.
The Galloway Viking Hoard will go on display in Kirkcudbright in two years' time.
Elizabeth delas Llagas, MCT collector, said it did not make sense to hoard rice at the customs facility because of the hefty storage fees that they would have to pay.
The country has enough laws against smuggling, and there are laws against economic sabotage that perhaps can be applied against rice traders who hoard the grains to manipulate prices.
A MAN who discovered the UK's richest ever Viking treasure hoard is set to receive a PS2million reward.
More recently, mental health experts have suggested that people who hoard animals can be classified into three different types: 1) overwhelmed caregivers; 2) rescuers; and 3) exploiters.
The Dragon's Hoard: Stories from the Viking Sagas is a children's picturebook retelling legends from Viking culture and Norse mythology.