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hoard something up

to accumulate a large store of something against bad times. Scott was hoarding canned goods up for the hard times ahead. He hoarded up many pounds of canned tuna.
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Mr Smyth added: "Although the gallery is due to open in the next few months, neither the Scottish Government nor the National Museums for Scotland have yet confirmed what arrangements will be made for the display of part of the hoard.
This exploratory study aimed to establish the extent to which occupational therapists encounter individuals who hoard in practice.
The 10th-century hoard includes silver bracelets and brooches, a gold ring, an enamelled Christian cross and a birdshaped gold pin.
A second smaller hoard 135 metres from the larger one was discovered by David Hughes.
Although those who hoard may collect items that appear to have no apparent value to others, the items may hold significant sentimental value to them.
Their edible artistic endeavours will be judged by the Staffordshire Hoard conservation team, currently winning acclaim for its work in preserving and researching the 4,000 items of gold, silver, jewellery and weaponry found in a field at Hammerwich, near Lichfield, in 2009.
There, it was discovered the hoard consisted of 4,854 Roman coins from between AD 238 and 274.
Individuals who hoard may exhibit a number of different behaviors such as an inability to throw away possessions, indecisiveness about what to keep or throw away, severe anxiety when attempting to discard items or when people touch their belongings and an obsessive fear of running out of an item.
Making a decision to join a collectivized hoard fuses one's future to that of the particular collectivity that governs and monitors the hoard; simultaneously, a hoard--whether individual or collective--clearly delineates those people or places to which the individual or group does not consider itself fused in a harmonically envisioned, mutual future.
WHOEVER buried a hoard of gold and silver coins in Northumberland more than 450 years ago was the toast of the two builders who found their treasure.
BIRMINGHAM Museum will this week unveil a new stateof-the-art Staffordshire Hoard Gallery to finally give the country's largest treasure haul the showcase it deserves.
Romania's National Museum of History (MNIR) has announced the discovery and recovery of the biggest silver hoard ever found on the Romanian territory.
Although there is evidence that people who hoard may become involved with multiple service providers, no studies with large sample sizes have investigated the extent of service utilization in hoarding.
uk A TREASURE hoard unearthed on Tyneside over 150 years ago has returned to the region.