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a hive of activity

A bustling or busy place. On Fridays, the school is only a hive of activity until 3:00 PM—then, everyone rushes out to start their weekend.
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hive off

To separate someone or something from someone or something else. A noun or pronoun can be used between "hive" and "off." I think we need to hive this group off into another homeroom—there's just too many kids in here.
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hive of activity

Fig. a location where things are very busy. The hotel lobby was a hive of activity each morning. During the holidays, the shopping center is a hive of activity.
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hive off

To set something apart from a group: The CEO hived off the department into another division. The police academy hived the new recruits off during orientation.
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Young people worked on their designs during art sessions at The Hive and, after a flood of entries was received, a winner and two runners-up were selected, with winning entrant, 14-year-old Amy Simpson, seeing her colourful design unveiled on the minibus.
More bees in the hive mean that there's more work to do and more mouths to feed.
Jack said: "There has to be something wrong with a person who sets a bee hive alight.
Bees move in a steady and purposeful way both to and from the hive.
Genesis has elected to proceed with the Genesis Purchase which will result in Genesis maintaining an approximate 30% interest in Hive.
Also, there's no way it could have been a passer-by as the hive isn't visible from the road at all.
Hive Home Check offers a stress-free option to add that extra level of reassurance at an accessible monthly cost.
10146; Removing of the hive is just not enough, they should properly seal the cavity and to guard the property against future bee infestations.
Moreover, the study was focused to determine the optimum box hive volume requirement of the race and to come up with possible recommendations for designing and adopting movable frame hives specifically suitable for A.
The group, which often helps with bees in people's homes, arrived back in Cardiff on Tuesday to remove the hive, which is estimated to have a population of about 50,000 bees.
Abi Reade of the Tree Bee Society removes some of the second 50,000-strong hive from the roof at Rookwood Hospital, Cardiff, yesterday
Mr McVeigh revealed the second hive has been moved away but it will return to a different area of the site and be protected with security cameras and a gate.
When a colony runs out of room in its hive, it will split in two, each with its own queen.
When the visitation to flowers (hermaphrodite, male and both), and the situations (0, 1, 2 or 3 hives) were compared pairwise (Table 2), it was possible to observe that with no hive and with 1 hive, the results were not significantly different.