hit the streets

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hit the streets

1. To start walking on the streets, usually with a specific purpose in mind. Volunteers for the candidate's campaign began hitting the streets this week in an effort to get out the vote ahead of election day next Tuesday.
2. To become available for purchase at retail locations. Her newest album hits the streets this Friday, but you can buy it early from her website right now!
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hit the ˈstreets


hit the ˈshops/ˈstores

(informal) become widely available for sale: The new games console hits the streets tomorrow.
See also: hit, street
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Santa will be hopping on board the Nuneaton Round Table sleigh and hitting the streets of Nuneaton.
Bilour further stated that someone should share with his party the advantages democracy shall be having as a result of hitting the streets. He said that the matter needs to be resolved in the Parliament, not on the roads.
The fiery newcomer will make its world debut at next month's Geneva Motor Show before hitting the streets in July.
Electric East, based in St James' Boulevard, Newcastle, is hitting the streets with the Electric East Catering Corp, to showcase its Asian cuisine to street food fans throughout the North East.
POLICE have smashed a cannabis factory and stopped drugs worth more than pounds 50,000 from hitting the streets of Birmingham.
FASHION magazine Grazia is hitting the streets of Cardiff in a search to find the UK's best-dressed women.
Before hitting the streets, the kids met to talk about the perils of unsafe driving.
And roving reporter Lucy Kennedy will be hitting the streets as the lads continue their search for the nation's best streaker.
Music Media Watch is a window into a fast-growing industry in Japan, perhaps in large part due to its close link with the world of wireless (witness the booming mobile ringtone industry, for example.) For the digitally inclined, Gadget Watch highlights the latest nifty products hitting the streets. Pricing is also provided when available, so you can stay up-to-date without burning a hole in your pocket.
"With so many illegals hitting the streets, is this the perfect time to round up these lawbreakers and ship them out?
T eams will also be hitting the streets of Glasgow to issue passers-by with free samples.
Steve Cobble, a D.C.-based political operative who's worked for Jesse Jackson St., told me, "We have to have plans to research the [election] results ASAP, while hitting the streets immediately." Among my activist friends, the only exception to the hit-the-streets line has been Bob Borosage of Campaign for America's future, who says, "As for stealing the election, I think we better win it first."
The company has also pulled the plug on its three-door version and the entry-level five-door GR because of the increase in the number of big 4x4s hitting the streets.
Interviewers themselves will receive two weeks of training before hitting the streets, "Our training is designed to teach interviewers how to handle potentially awkward situations," Cynamon says.
SANTA and his helpers will be hitting the streets of Coventry during the run up to Christmas to help the city's rotary clubs raise as much charity cash as possible.