hit the right note

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hit the right note

To be perfectly suitable for a particular situation or circumstance; to get it exactly right. The commercial hit the right note with its target audience, and was one of the most highly rated spots of the year. It's tricky trying to hit the right note during a job interview, when you're trying to sell yourself while remaining relatable.
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hit (or strike) the right (or wrong) note

say or do something in exactly the right (or wrong) way.
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hit/strike the right/wrong ˈnote

(especially British English) do, say or write something that is suitable/not suitable for a particular occasion: Somehow, he managed to strike just the right note in his final election speech.
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Clewlow created the best-seller A Woman's Guide to Adultery in 1989, hitting the right note with her no-holds-barred observations on relationships and the foibles of women.
CHILDREN in Kensington are hitting the right note thanks to a newly launched music centre.
Even EastEnders' Barbara Windsor was gobsmacked when Margarita came dangerously close to hitting the right note with camp Dale at London's trendy Soho House.
HITTING THE RIGHT NOTE: Ryan, dressed to resemble singer Gareth Gates in his Spirit in the Sky video, is hoping lots of people will vote for him in Saturday's Stars in their Eyes show; GREAT EXPERIENCE: Pop Idol star Gareth Gates (left) and (right) Ryan with TV presenter Cat Deeley
Pupils at Gorse Hill Primary School in Worcester help the city's Labour MP Mr Mike Foster to launch Worcestershire County Council's Windrush '98 competition by hitting the right note with Afro-Caribbean instruments.