hit the headlines

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hit (the) headlines

To be featured on the headlines of news articles, as due to being particularly important, popular, fashionable, etc. It may not be so tremendous as to hit the headlines, but this small change in immigration law could have a huge impact on foreign workers. The pop star hit headlines yesterday after his latest run-in with police.
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hit the headlines

To appear prominently in media reports. We need to have all the marketing materials ready before the merger hits the headlines.
See also: headline, hit

hit the headlines

be written about or given attention as news.
See also: headline, hit

grab/hit/make the ˈheadlines

(informal) be an important item of news in newspapers or on the radio or television: His reputation has suffered a lot since the scandal over his love affair hit the headlines.
See also: grab, headline, hit, make
References in periodicals archive ?
USA A month after hitting the headlines for siring a record 39 juvenile winners during a ngle season, Wildcat Heir has assumed the limelight again, this time as the sire of impressive Grade 3 Old Hat Stakes winner Richiegirlgonewild at Gulfstream Park.
CBI Wales director David Rosser said: "Despite the economic doom and gloom which has been hitting the headlines recently, it's been an unexpectedly positive quarter for our manufacturers.
Jeremy Clarkson, the most obnoxious celebrity around, has been hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons again
They were chosen to appear after hitting the headlines with a range of fun events such as last year's scarecrow competition and giant vegetable contests.
Wherever John Prescott goes, he has a unique ability for hitting the headlines.
Focusing on people from all walks of life - such as sport, politics, arts and entertainment - we will follow the fortunes of some of the personalities who may be hitting the headlines this year and highlight their achievements.
Last week saw some old faces hitting the headlines and totting up valuable points.
The 22-year-old wide man cannot get a regular place in the PSV line-up at the moment, despite hitting the headlines for his country this season.
Emos, short for emotional, have been hitting the headlines after being accused of vandalising statues while boozing and smoking cannabis in the park opposite the city museum.
The 23-year-old, of Rumney, Cardiff, last appeared on Oprah 10 years ago after hitting the headlines as a whizz kid antique dealer.
AFTER hitting the headlines for dating a string of blondes, rocker Rod Stewart looks happy to take a back seat during a night out with the boys.
The car parking controversy at Cardiff's University Hospital of Wales is once again hitting the headlines.
Pick players you think will be hitting the headlines over the coming weeks, those who will be splashed across the news pages of the national papers and earning you big points.