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DINA ASHER-SMITH is ready to turn the page in the next chapter in her sprint career after revealing she's hitting the books in a bid to keep her mind primed for more glory runs.
Actress Michelle Vito is once again hitting the books.
uk Keepers hit the books TWO DZG keepers are hitting the books as they begin their Diploma in the Management of Zoo and Aquarium Animals (DMZAA).
Whether you've spent the day working on your golf game, hitting the books, or sweating over that past-due report for your cranky boss, slide into these soft (massage like) Ahhsoles flip-flops and instantly feel like you're bounding barefoot on cool, fresh-cut grass or have rolled up your pants to stand in the rippled sand of an outgoing tide.
ERIK SVIATCHENKO believes Brendan Rodgers is ready to pen an exciting new chapter in Celtic's history after he had his players hitting the books from day one.
While not everyone is hitting the books, many individuals will be on the hunt for ways to fulfill their Pinterest project dreams.
So instead of just hitting the books, hit the gym or head for your weekly sport session to train the body and the brain.
More college students are using their smartphones as a study mol even though the internet and activities like texting were cited as the biggest distractions to hitting the books, according to a new study by McGraw-Hill Education.
If hitting the books gains nurses a higher rank or higher pay grade, then Hear, hear
The County of Brant Public Library is once again set to entice adult readers to keep hitting the books during the summer season.
Summary: In the 2002 film L'Auberge Espagnol, a group of Erasmus Scholarship students in Spain find out the meaning of friendship, parties, romance, bureaucracy and hitting the books - in that order.
Be inspired by your bud's scholastic ways, and spend a little more time each day hitting the books and reviewing your notes.
instead of hitting the alarm clock to catch a few more winks, these kids were hitting the books, studying everything from math to Michelangelo.
Modernist designers have been hitting the books -- art history books, that is -- along with museums and whatever else they can get their hands on for inspiration judging from the newest collections.
This balancing act can be particularly difficult for undergraduate students whose degree--a BA, not a BFA--requires they spend as much time hitting the books as they do hitting the marley.