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big hitter

1. A person, group, or organization of exceptional talent, ability, influence, authority, or success. Ms. Smith's law firm is a big hitter in this city. I've become known as something of a big hitter in the company since securing that new client last week.
2. A product or brand that sells or has sold extremely well. Through its clever advertising campaign, this new vacuum cleaner has become a big hitter in the industry.
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bad-ball hitter

In baseball, a batter who tries to hit pitches that are out of the strike zone. A: "What on earth is he swinging at?" B: "He's a bad-ball hitter, it's just how he plays. He'll hit one eventually."
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heavy hitter

1. An extremely successful, important, or influential person. John is a real heavy hitter in the world of finance. Many people have tried to copy his success.
2. A high-scoring athlete, especially a baseball player. The team would be foolish to trade their heavy hitter. He's the reason the team did well this season.
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pinch hitter

1. In baseball, a batter who substitutes for someone else. Their pinch hitter ended up hitting a grand slam and winning the game for them!
2. By extension, anyone who acts as a substitute, especially at the last minute or in an emergency. Because the attorney assigned to the case is so close to having her baby, they asked me to be a pinch hitter in case she gives birth before the trial is over.
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power hitter

In baseball, softball, or cricket, a player with a very powerful swing who is capable of hitting the ball very far. The team's power hitter ended the game with a home run that made it all the way out of the stadium. They brought in a left-handed pitcher to throw the other team's power hitter off his game.
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heavy hitter

An important or influential individual or organization. For example, This publishing house is one of the heavy hitters in the textbook industry. This expression originated in sports such as boxing, where it literally meant "hitting hard," and was transferred to other enterprises in the mid-1900s.
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pinch hitter

A substitute for another person, especially in an emergency. For example, Pat expected her mother to help with the baby, but just in case, she lined up her mother-in-law as pinch hitter . This expression comes from baseball, where it is used for a player substituting for another at bat at a critical point or in a tight situation (called a pinch since the late 1400s). [Late 1800s]
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big (or heavy) hitter

a person with considerable power and influence (as contrasted with those who have less).
2004 Film Inside Out Ollie Trinke…is a big hitter in the music PR world of Manhattan.
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pinch hitter

1. n. a substitute batter in the game of baseball. Sam is a pinch hitter for Ralph, who broke his wrist.
2. n. any substitute person. In school today we had a pinch hitter. Our teacher was sick.
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power hitter

n. a batter in the game of baseball who can hit the ball great distances. Ted is a real power hitter. They’ll try to walk him.
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1. n. a ballplayer who bats either right-handed or left-handed. (Baseball.) I’m not a switch-hitter. In fact, I can hardly hit the ball at all.
2. n. a bisexual person. (From sense 1) Bart finally decided he was a switch-hitter and asked Brad for a date since Mary was busy.
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Walks are even more important in the high school game, since not every hitter in the lineup is a strong hitter, and many pitchers struggle with control.
Lisa Tedder, Ken's daughter, is the setter, while Crossland, Bassett and Thompson-Poore are outside hitters.
Heavy Hitter Sales Wisdom provides field sales generals and sales soldiers with tons of strategy, persuasion techniques, and common-sense approaches to winning the hearts and minds of prospects.
The flat bat will give the hitter an instant feedback while grooving his swing during practice.
A pitcher is behind in the count and challenges a hitter with a 3-1 pitch for a strike.
That's a concern, because left-handed pitchers at the advanced Class-A level are known to enjoy a greater advantage pitching to left-handed hitters than right-handed pitchers have against right-handed hitters because left-handed hitters don't see too many top-flight left-handed pitchers as they rise up the amateur ranks and the lower levels of the minor leagues.
The cage drills can prepare the hitter for practice against live pitching or can complement the actual hitting.
As another successful season of the Power Hitter Clinics and Competitions draws to a close, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is proud to have offered this thrilling opportunity to these talented boys and girls," said LADWP General Manager David.
Valencia's Breanne Javier is also a fine hitter and probably a better fielder than both, but she doesn't drive in as many runs.
The same holds true for a pitcher when he or she is suddenly confronted with a left-handed hitter.
Once the young athletes had time to practice, they put their skills to the test in the Power Hitter batting contest.
You can come in and pitch to one hitter and that's your day, and you can make a lot of money doing that.
When your setter is in the back row, you have a left-side, middle, and right-side hitter in the front row.
Dozens of local children had the experience of a lifetime today as they joined Los Angeles Dodger catcher David Ross, coach Manny Mota and the legendary Maury Wills on the baseball diamond for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power's (LADWP) Power Hitter Clinic and Competition event held at the Rosecrans Recreation Center.
For a strong power hitter with a reputation for hitting balls out of the ballpark, Billy became an even more intriguing hitter.