get into your stride

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get into (one's) stride

To become comfortable with something. It took a few weeks, but I think I've finally gotten into my stride at my new job. I know that Rob has been struggling a bit since he joined the team, but I'm confident that he'll get into his stride soon enough.
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get into your stride


hit your stride

COMMON If you get into your stride or hit your stride, you start to do something well and confidently, after being slower or less certain at the beginning. The Government is getting into its stride and seems, for the moment, to be fulfilling its promises. He's still learning but when he hits his stride, he'll be unstoppable.
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get into your ˈstride

(British English) (American English hit (your) ˈstride) begin to do something with confidence and at a good speed after a slow, uncertain start: She found the job difficult at first, but now she’s got into her stride and she loves it.
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Louis City Group Co-Chair; Anne Frohock, Midwest Chapter Board Member; Maureen Farr, Midwest Chapter President; and Steve Hughes, Motivational Speaker with Hit Your Stride LLP.
Top running speed depends more on length of stride and coordination than on "pounding the pavement," and you can't "hit your stride" in a race as short as 100 meters.
Though it's always just when you've hit your stride,
Rather than hitting the treadmill or the road running, for example, take a few minutes to walk, build up to a light jog, stretch, and then hit your stride.