hit with

hit someone with something

1. Fig. to charge someone with an amount of money. The government hit us with a big fine. The tax people hit us with a huge tax bill.
2. Fig. to present someone with shocking or surprising news. He was shocked when she hit him with the news that she was leaving. Don't hit me with another piece of bad news!
See also: hit
References in classic literature ?
They begin by clodding him; and they laugh themselves to pieces to see him try to dodge one clod and get hit with another?
The use of golf-ball sized wiffle balls will enable the hitter to get the most out of this drill, while the concave foam "sweet spot" will provide the instant feedback on whether the ball was hit with the right part of the bat.
Most middle balls are hit with 100% velocity toward the corners at 45-degrees, but can be varied both in distance and velocity.
A wide basic stance will enable the hitter to take a shorter stride and still hit with the feet spread properly.