hit with

hit (someone or something) with (something)

1. Literally, to use something to strike someone or something. He hit the bee's nest with a broomstick to knock it out of the tree. Tommy! Do not hit your sister with your toys!
2. To present someone or something suddenly and dispassionately with a formal punishment. I'm not afraid to hit you with detention if any of you talk during class. The government has been hitting companies with steep fines for violating the new regulations.
3. To tell someone some piece of news or information that is very shocking, especially when it is unpleasant or upsetting. They made small talk with me for a while before hitting me with the news that I was being laid off. I don't think the boss is going to be pleased when we hit her with the latest sales figures.
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hit with (something)

1. To share information with someone. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "hit" and "with." OK, hit me with it—what have you come up with? Gerry hit me with his so-called "brilliant idea" this morning, and I was not impressed.
2. To require someone to pay a particular amount of money. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "hit" and "with." I'm worried that they're going to hit us with a huge fine even though it's our first offense.
3. To have to handle or deal with something. My meditation practice definitely helps me whenever I'm hit with a stressful situation at work.
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hit someone with something

1. Fig. to charge someone with an amount of money. The government hit us with a big fine. The tax people hit us with a huge tax bill.
2. Fig. to present someone with shocking or surprising news. He was shocked when she hit him with the news that she was leaving. Don't hit me with another piece of bad news!
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References in classic literature ?
"They begin by clodding him; and they laugh themselves to pieces to see him try to dodge one clod and get hit with another?"
He allowed just 1 hit with 3 strikeouts and 2 walks.
3 Which British band had a UK Top Ten hit with Fire Brigade ...?
* Drop shots are much easier to hit with Continental, Australian and Eastern grips.
John never had a hit with Gordy, but to say she was instrumental in those early years would be an understatement.
Olson picked up the win on the mound, going six innings and allowing 1 hit with 7 strikeouts and 3 walks.
The use of golf-ball sized wiffle balls will enable the hitter to get the most out of this drill, while the concave foam "sweet spot" will provide the instant feedback on whether the ball was hit with the right part of the bat.
Nate Holler picked up the win on the mound, allowing just 1 hit with 11 strikeouts and 1 walk in 6 innings of work.
Most middle balls are hit with 100% velocity toward the corners at 45-degrees, but can be varied both in distance and velocity.
The deeper 60-degree serve is hit with more force (4).
A wide basic stance will enable the hitter to take a shorter stride and still hit with the feet spread properly.
Dani Brown picked up the win in the circle, going 4 innings and allowing 1 hit with 6 strikeouts and a walk.
Black was the winning pitcher, allowing just 1 hit with 5 strikeouts and 2 walks in 5 innings.
Thompson went 6 innings and allowed just 1 hit with 4 strikeouts and 2 walks.
Lang went 5 innings, allowing 1 hit with 7 strikeouts and no walks while Paul struck out all three batters he faced in his one inning of work.