hit (one) for six

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hit (one) for six

To upset or overwhelm someone, especially suddenly or unexpectedly. Primarily heard in UK. News of my father's sudden death completely hit me for six.
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hit (or knock) someone for six

affect someone very severely; utterly overwhelm someone. British informal
In this expression, six stands for six runs, referring to a hit in cricket which sends the ball clear over the boundary of the ground for a score of six runs.
See also: hit, six, someone

hit/knock somebody/something for ˈsix

(British English)
1 (often of something unpleasant) surprise somebody a lot: It really hit me for six to find that my father had written about me in his book.
2 completely destroy a plan, an idea, a suggestion, etc.; knock somebody/something over/down: The stock market crash has hit the economy for six.Toby took a step backwards and knocked the vase for six.
In cricket, if you hit the ball a long distance you score six runs.
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But this latest development with Eugene not being able to get an extension to his to leave visa has hit us for six.
The Christmas period really hit us for six, to come away from that period with no points.
Although our perfor mance against Salford did hit us for six, our confidence remains as strong as ever.
We certainly won't be underestimating Retford; they were the best team to come to Victoria Park last season and gave us a real going over, having of course hit us for six at their place.
Mrs Polykarpou, a former midwife said: "The fire really did hit us for six.
For instance, last season the news of Jock Brown's sacking was announced just a couple of hours before we played there - and they hit us for six.
Three home games one after another on Sky against top opposition hit us for six," said Mr Hale.
Their goal hit us for six because it came at a stage in the game when we were starting to come into it and push forward, only for them to score on the counter.
THEY hit us for six on our disastrous Ashes cricket tour and they're enjoying a glorious summer while we shiver.
It is a really emotional dressing room because the second-half performance has really hit us for six.
Last night decided it all when Holland hit us for six, but let's not forget we did beatthemandfewteams will do that to them.
We had six defeats in a row during the season, which hit us for six in terms of our confidence.