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hit (up)on (someone or something)

1. Literally, to strike someone or something in a particular spot. Just hit on the top of the TV until the sound comes back on. A pair of shoes fell off the shelf in my closet and hit me right on the head.
2. To discover or realize something. I think we've finally hit on the reason the experiment has been failing.
3. To flirt with someone, often when it is unwelcome. Are you hitting on me? You're a married man!
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hit (up)on someone or something

1. Lit. to strike or pound on someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Jeff hit upon the mugger over and over. I hit on the radio until it started working again.
2. Fig. to discover someone or something. I think I have hit upon something. There is a lever you have to press in order to open this cabinet. I hit on Tom in an amateur play production. I offered him a job in my nightclub immediately.
3. Go to hit on someone; hit on something.
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hit someone (or an animal) on something

to strike someone or an animal in a particular place. The stone hit me on the leg. I hit the beaver on its side and it didn't seem to feel it. She hit herself on her left cheek.
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hit on someone

Inf. to flirt with someone; to make a pass at someone. The women were all hitting on George, but he didn't complain. I thought he was going to hit on mebut he didn't.
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hit on something

to discover something. She hit on a new scheme for removing the impurities from drinking water. I hit on it when I wasn't able to sleep one night.
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hit on

1. Also, hit upon. Discover, happen to find, as in I've hit upon a solution to this problem. [c. 1700]
2. Make sexual advances to someone, especially unwanted ones, as in You can't go into that bar without being hit on. [Slang; mid-1900s]
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hit on

1. To strike someone or something in some particular area: A branch fell off the tree and hit me on the back.
2. To discover something: We finally hit on a solution to our financial problems.
3. Slang To pay unsolicited and usually unwanted sexual attention to someone: I can't believe that the bartender hit on me!
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Businessman Iain Wright hit upon the idea after a friend told him about painted trees being sold in the US.
5m and pounds 3m, previously sold a lot of its work via its website from its main warehouse in Hebburn, but hit upon the idea of franchising as a way of growing its brand without incurring large overheads.
Mickey Sharp, a 14-year-old British student, has hit upon a brilliant idea: he's going to be a detective.
This season our local promoters seem to have hit upon big bands, maybe a good thing to blow the winter cobwebs away.
In 1999, while trying to come up with a name for our new magazine, we hit upon J@pan Inc.
With talks still going nowhere, Fedeli says the turning point was when ABPC's board of directors hit upon a "revolutionary" idea.
The two fight in a car park, then hit upon the idea of a fight club, a place where men can go to challenge each other and experience physical pain.
From earnest and hohum, this festival suddenly hit upon the magic formula: intensity and contrast.
Bowlby has his own theory to offer, a theory hit upon when the biographer learned that Darwin's mother had died when he was eight years old.
Helium excels at bringing order to user-contributed content, and it has hit upon an obvious unmet market need," said Chris Shipley, DEMO 2007 executive producer.
We hit upon the idea of attending a wedding fair to raise awareness of this issue.
THE North West Wales NHS Trust has hit upon a brilliant way of cutting down on infections like MRSA and clostridium difficile.
A group set up at the trust to examine ways of tackling work-related stress and improve health and well-being hit upon the idea.
EMAX co-founder Paul McFarling, who is from the North East, searched the country to find graduate level staff with Arabic language skills and then hit upon his home region.
The state prep tournament, once the most admired in the nation, has hit upon hard times since it switched to four divisional champions.