hit (one) for six

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hit (one) for six

To upset or overwhelm someone, especially suddenly or unexpectedly. Primarily heard in UK. News of my father's sudden death completely hit me for six.
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hit (or knock) someone for six

affect someone very severely; utterly overwhelm someone. British informal
In this expression, six stands for six runs, referring to a hit in cricket which sends the ball clear over the boundary of the ground for a score of six runs.
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hit/knock somebody/something for ˈsix

(British English)
1 (often of something unpleasant) surprise somebody a lot: It really hit me for six to find that my father had written about me in his book.
2 completely destroy a plan, an idea, a suggestion, etc.; knock somebody/something over/down: The stock market crash has hit the economy for six.Toby took a step backwards and knocked the vase for six.
In cricket, if you hit the ball a long distance you score six runs.
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Going, but not gone at 35-50 College were hanging in mid-way through the third quarter when Hawks hit them for six - well, fifteen to be precise and that closed the door on the visiting outfit and pushed the target too far away.
AIDEN MCGEADY has hailed the importance of Everton's first win in nine games after their poor form had "hit them for six".
The Blues are 4-1 favourites to go one better than last season and win the competition, and with Roma having lost five games in a row Chelsea will be keen to hit them for six.