hit the right note

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hit the right note

To be perfectly suitable for a particular situation or circumstance; to get it exactly right. The commercial hit the right note with its target audience, and was one of the most highly rated spots of the year. It's tricky trying to hit the right note during a job interview, when you're trying to sell yourself while remaining relatable.
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hit (or strike) the right (or wrong) note

say or do something in exactly the right (or wrong) way.
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hit/strike the right/wrong ˈnote

(especially British English) do, say or write something that is suitable/not suitable for a particular occasion: Somehow, he managed to strike just the right note in his final election speech.
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More than 200 call centre workers hit the right note for Comic Relief with their performance of the charity single Barry Islands In The Stream in Cardiff Bay yesterday, watched by Gavin and Stacey star Ruth Jones, inset left PICTURES: Andrew Davies
Singing youngsters from Hartburn Primary School hit the right note with the crowd of around 10,000 people.
Scenes from Shrek the Musical which will be staged at the Birmingham Hippodrome next year ext year Shrek set to hit the right note in Brum IT'S the kids' film that spawned a monster stage hit - and now Shrek the Musical is coming to the Birmingham Hippodrome.
6 BIG PICTURE: The Miners' Gala photo which caught our eye 11 READERS' LIVES: Books that hit the right note with Ali Lewis 12 CULTURE DAILY: A round-up of news and what to look out for in The Journal 17 MY HERO: Writer, director and performer Daniel Bye picks John McGrath 22 CLASSICAL: Brinkburn Music Festival enjoys a Renaissance 23 MY iPOD: We track down Becky Unthank's top choice 27 MOST TREASURED: A grave marker on Lindisfarne 28 BOOKS: Richard Milward invites us to dice with death 34 10 THINGS: To look our for this July 36 NEW MUSIC: Meet Young Liar - men of few words who say a lot 66 FINAL SAY: Musician Hannabiell adds to the mix
The star hit the right note with men and women coming top of the poll with both sexes, getting 15 per cent of male votes and 10% of the female vote.
Bold, outrageous and bizarre, this chameleon of music changed his image like clothes but always hit the right note. - Shay Coates, Wallsend, Tyne and Wear
London, May 2 (ANI): Katy Perry, who never fails to impress with her wacky dress sense, has hit the right note again with her latest number.
PLANS for an international music festival on the Northumberland coast have hit the right note with musicians.
^Fermanagh supporters will hope that their forwards can hit the right note this year.
He believes Ireland could face a torrid afternoon if their hosts hit the right note.
Webber hit the right note at the Curragh as Dar Re Mi, owned by his wife Madeleine, claimed success in the Audi Pretty Polly Stakes yesterday.
If you think you have the voice of an angel then a new singing project could hit the right note this New Year.
THE opening of Liverpool's first Children's Centre has hit the right note with children and parents in Dingle.
X FACTOR star Nicholas MacDonald hit the right note with kids at a nursery yesterday.
FOUR Midland choirs have hit the right note by raising more than PS1,000 with their Christmas concerts for a singing programme to support people with dementia.