hit stride

hit (one's) stride

1. To start traveling at a consistent pace. We started out slow but then hit our stride as we continued through the park.
2. To become proficient in a particular area. Once you hit your stride at your new job, I'm sure your boss will be very impressed with you.
See also: hit, stride

hit one's stride

1. Achieve a steady, effective pace, as in After the first few laps around the track he hit his stride. This expression comes from horse racing, stride alluding to the regular pace of the horse. [Early 1900s]
2. Attain a maximum level of competence, as in Jack didn't really hit his stride until he started college. [First half of 1900s]
See also: hit, stride

hit (one's) stride

1. To achieve a steady, effective pace.
2. To attain a maximum level of competence.
See also: hit, stride
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The yellowfin fishing should get started this month, but really hit stride in April, May and June, so there is time to plan for a trip to West End or Lucaya.
That's surprising perhaps only in that it did $900 million in fiscal 2012, before the Disney Junior network hit stride.
Beating an understrength Kilkenny team was imperative, while the landslide win over Galway reaffirmed what they are capable of when they hit stride.
Julio looks a name to watch as the Cheltenham countdown starts to hit stride.
9 STEPHEN MCPHAIL Took time to hit stride in his first league start of the season.
Women's soccer at Carolina is renowned and Duke football is just beginning to hit stride.
It was at four, though, that he really hit stride, winning the Hong Kong Mile and successfully stepping up to 1m2f to land the Derby.
But she hit stride with her anguished outbursts in Act II, the high notes of "Ah
It's really starting to hit stride," said John Thaeler, senior vice president of Seeco Inc.
The real point is that the transformation of China from a Communist economy into a quasi-capitalistic system, which began 25 years ago, is beginning to hit stride.
In these series, Lichtenstein outpaced not only much of his own work, but also much work by other painters who could only hope to hit stride like this once in their career.
Casting demand is expected to hit stride by mid-year and expand for the next several years.
But then he hit stride during Oakland's run for the A.