hit (someone or something) hard

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hit (someone or something) hard

To affect someone or something in a profoundly negative way. Often used in a passive construction. I know losing his job hit Jeff hard, but he needs to get back up and start looking for work. The recent increase on tariffs has hit importers hard.
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hit someone hard

Fig. to affect someone's emotions strongly. The death of his friend hit John hard. The investor was hit hard by the falling stock prices.
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hit somebody/something ˈhard

affect somebody/something very badly: The death of her daughter hit her very hard.
In the passive, we usually say ‘hard hit by’ instead of ‘hit hard by’: Pensioners have been particularly hard hit by the rise in heating costs.
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He said: "We shouldn't be able to go under the barriers because then they are not doing what they are supposed to, which is slow you down before you hit something hard, which Carlos did.
That way, if we have to unscrew the broadhead or we hit something hard, the alignment is less likely to be affected.
I thought he was going to hit something hard to the right side for a single or an out.
My hammer hit something hard, then I saw a beautiful bone.
Doug Niblack claims that when his longboard hit something hard as rock off the Oregon Coast, he suddenly found himself standing on the back of a thrashing great white shark and looking down he could see a dorsal fin in front of his feet as he stood on something 10-feet wide and black.
I just felt like it was clean enough that it was going to come out fine and I wanted to hit something hard, so I hit six.
He said he must have hit something hard and rigid with considerable force, although he could not say whether it was the sink or the toilet seat in his cell.
3 : to hit something hard and repeatedly <She hammered on the door.
Martin, from Pethybridge Road, Ely, Cardiff, said: 'I was putting a post in when I dug down and hit something hard.
They feel indestructible, but if you hit something hard at 50mph your internal body organs can't cope with that instant deceleration and many people's aortas are ruptured, leading to instant death.
It had a smashed windscreen which was totally shattered, as if it had hit something hard.
Peter Clough, a sports psychologist at Hull University, said: "If you hit something hard with a stick, it is automatic to make a noise.
They had been digging for a couple of hours and sorting through rubbish when their spades hit something hard.
She said: ``We took an X-Ray and we saw the tip of the pellet had been flattened so it must have hit something hard.
We hit something hard and then the whole carriage flipped over," said one British backpacker.