hit somebody/something hard

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hit (someone or something) hard

To affect someone or something in a profoundly negative way. Often used in a passive construction. I know losing his job hit Jeff hard, but he needs to get back up and start looking for work. The recent increase on tariffs has hit importers hard.
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hit somebody/something ˈhard

affect somebody/something very badly: The death of her daughter hit her very hard.
In the passive, we usually say ‘hard hit by’ instead of ‘hit hard by’: Pensioners have been particularly hard hit by the rise in heating costs.
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Steven Herndon readily admits, "My first addiction was football." Growing up in pigskin-obsessed LaGrange, Ga., not knowing his biological father and adjusting early on to a household with a new man in his mother's life, Herndon found that on a football field, "If I hit somebody hard enough, I got validated.
If you hit somebody hard enough after the bell, you are going to lose the fight.