hit rock bottom

hit rock bottom

The reach the lowest or worst point of a decline. I knew I had hit rock bottom when I missed my son's birthday party because I was so hungover. That's when I knew I needed to get help. It's been falling in price for weeks, but I think the stock has finally hit rock bottom.
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hit rock bottom


reach rock bottom

1. If something hits rock bottom or reaches rock bottom, it reaches an extremely low level where it cannot go any lower. The UK motor industry had one of its worst days yesterday as new car sales hit rock bottom. This is a good time to buy a house. Prices have reached rock-bottom in most areas. Note: You can also say that something is at rock bottom. Morale within the company was at rock bottom. Note: People often talk about rock-bottom prices, meaning extremely low prices. He has been buying property at rock-bottom prices.
2. If someone hits rock bottom or reaches rock bottom, they reach the point where they are so unhappy and without hope that they could not feel worse. When my girlfriend left me, I hit rock bottom. Sometimes you have to reach rock bottom before you can start to recover. Note: You can also say that someone is at rock bottom. She was at rock bottom. Her marriage was breaking up and so was she. Note: This expression comes from mining, and refers to the layer of rock that is reached once the supply of minerals being taken from the mine has been used up.
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hit/reach ˌrock ˈbottom


be at ˌrock ˈbottom

reach or be at the lowest point or level that is possible: Demand for new cars is at rock bottom. This month’s sales figures are the lowest in ten years.I really hit rock bottom after my marriage broke up. ▶ ˌrock-ˈbottom adj.: For rock-bottom prices, come to McArthur’s Furniture Store.
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Ricky, 40, said: "Ultimately when I fell out with my parents, I hit rock bottom. I didn't care whether I lived or died, to be honest with you."
And in English, there is a saying that once you hit rock bottom, the only way is up.
DJ Kalonje took to social media early this year to announce that his relationship with Sonnie had hit rock bottom.
Rita Ora admits she hit rock bottom after being blasted for coming out as bisexual.
In a lengthy Instagram post, Gab said he hit rock bottom in early 2018 and even tried to hurt himself to numb him of the "pain, disappointment, uncertainty, doubt and fear." "Early in 2018, I hit rock bottom.
Like the functional alcoholic Illinois "gets by." Having not yet hit rock bottom, Illinois ignores the warning signs, disregards the advice of friends and family and continues to spiral downward until one day rock bottom will inevitably arrive.
Karen discovers that David's finances have hit rock bottom thanks to his case and Robyn's divorce proceedings and points out that he could always dip into the girls' trust fund to tide him over, unaware that he has already done so.
Previously Macedonia had above average economic growth and now we hit rock bottom. Citizens will feel the consequences, and instead of heading towards a better living standard, the quality of life will reduce as a result of the political crisis and uncertain situation in the country.
Martinez admits Everton "hit rock bottom" after defeat to Stoke City last week but is confident they can pick up a first league win since January when Newcastle United visit Goodison tomorrow.
They say you have to hit rock bottom if you're an addict and it was the same with myself with the gambling.
"They say you have to hit rock bottom if you're an addict, whether it's drinking, whether it's drugs, whether it's any sort of addiction, and it was the same with myself with the gambling.
The former Celtic striker said he hit rock bottom as he kept gambling while recovering from cancer.
Summary: Sydney: Australia have hit rock bottom with their defeat to England in the second Ashes ...
I had some very low moments when I pretty much hit rock bottom. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger."