hit pay dirt

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hit pay dirt

To discover or come upon something very, particularly, or abundantly valuable or useful, especially after a long or arduous search. I had been combing through books in the library for hours trying to find material for my thesis, when finally I hit pay dirt with an old collection of literary criticisms from the 1970s. One of my fondest memories was searching through my grandfather's attic when I was a kid, convinced that some day I would hit pay dirt.
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hit pay dirt

1. Fig. to discover something of value. (Alludes to discovering valuable ore.) Sally tried a number of different jobs until she hit pay dirt. I tried to borrow money from a lot of different people. They all said no. Then when I went to the bank, I hit pay dirt.
2. Fig. to get great riches. After years of poverty, the writer hit pay dirt with his third novel. Jane's doing well. She really hit pay dirt with her new business.
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pay dirt, hit

Also, strike pay dirt. Make a valuable discovery or large profit, as in We've been researching the source of that quotation for a month and we finally hit pay dirt in the Library of Congress . This idiom, from the mid-1800s, refers to a miner's finding gold or other precious metals while sifting soil. By the late 1800s it had been transferred to other lucrative discoveries.
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hit pay dirt


strike pay dirt

If you hit pay dirt or strike pay dirt, you find or achieve something important and valuable. Note: `Pay dirt' is often written as `paydirt'. `Let's not give up on the courts,' Millard says. `We still might hit pay dirt with one of the issues.' The first two people with whom she spoke hung up on her. With the third, she struck pay dirt. The archeologists started in spring and hit paydirt: sets of bones, presumably of Carib Indians. Note: This expression probably refers to earth which contains enough gold dust to make it financially worthwhile to look for gold in it.
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hit/strike ˈpay dirt

(informal, especially American English) suddenly be in a successful situation, especially one that makes you rich: The band hit pay dirt two years ago with their first album, but have since been less successful.This comes from mining. Pay dirt is earth that contains valuable minerals or metal such as gold.
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hit pay dirt

and strike pay dirt
1. tv. to discover something of value. When we opened the last trunk, we knew we had hit pay dirt.
2. tv. to get to the basic facts of something. When we figured out the code, we really struck pay dirt.
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pay dirt, to hit/strike

To find something very valuable; to profit hugely. The term comes from mining, where it literally refers to finding soil (dirt) that contains gold, silver, or some other precious ore. By the late nineteenth century it had been transferred to other lucrative discoveries and financial success. The term originated in mid-nineteenth-century America, probably during the Gold Rush.
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The US oil industry has really hit paydirt in Texas shale, but it needs the government and the environmental lobby to allow it to build the infrastructure to get the black stuff out to the market.
Not many new bands receive the patronage of Mick Jagger but his initial help gave their career a kickstart from which they have never looked back as they hit paydirt with their debut release, Vivid, winning them their first of two Grammy awards in the process.
Before Dumaan hit paydirt, Princesslyn Enopia, Rickrod Ortega and Jefferson Rhey Loon copped the bronzes in the women's tanking Class A, men's tanding Class C and Class D, respectively.
Small movie appearances followed before Butler, 47, switched to Los Angeles and hit paydirt with fantasy war film 300, comedy The Ugly Truth and Machine Gun Preacher.
So we hit paydirt in US money centre banks, Goldman Sachs/Morgan Stanley but missed the big move in healthcare insurers/hospital after the Supreme Court approved Obamacare subsidies.
If you still don't hit paydirt, contact DLA for help.
Mark Peterson has hit paydirt with a gold panning kit.
After years as a producer and songwriter, during which he developed the careers of Viola Wills and Feliee Taylor, White finally hit paydirt with his girl-group Love Unlimited, whose White-penned hit "Walking in the Rain With the One I Love" broached the top 20 of the singles chart, with a subsequent LP going platinum.
But the Hockey India League auction ensured players hit paydirt, and now the women want to emulate their male counterparts.
Secretary of the Lottery Cindy O'Connell hit paydirt when she fished with Florida Sportsman's Capt.
Judd Apatow hit paydirt with his 2007 comedy Knocked Up, but this whiny 'sortof' sequel starring a handful of its secondary characters is a far cry from the original.
COCKNEYS VS ZOMBIES 88mins 15 EVER since Simon Pegg and Nick Frost hit paydirt with Shaun Of The Dead (budget: pounds 4million, box office: pounds 20million) there's been no shortage of British horror comedies slithering down the chutes.
At first, we fished off the rocks, but one day we decided to have a go off a small beach and immediately hit paydirt.
Then scarper home, with a bulk-load of chalk dust, assuming they've hit paydirt, with a lifetime's supply of Grade A cocaine.
Starting with a mere eight horses, after an apprenticeship with Paul Cole, and grafting with the best of them to make it pay, he first hit paydirt with the jumps winners Marble Arch and Frenchman's Creek, graduated to Group 1 success with Alcazar, Pastoral Pursuits and Sakhee's Secret, and this year kept the ball rolling with the Royal Ascot wins of Sagramor and Pisco Sour.