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hit list

1. A list of one's enemies who, as such, are subject to acts of violence or vengeance. The politician was shocked to discover his name was on the criminal's hit list.
2. A list of people who are the subject of one's anger for a (real or perceived) wrongdoing. Every employee in the accounting department was on the manager's hit list after he discovered they had been manipulating the books. I have no idea why I'm on Shelly's hit list all of a sudden—I haven't done anything wrong!
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a hit list

1. If someone has a hit list of people or things, they are intending to deal with them or get rid of them. Washington published a hit list of countries guilty of unfair trade practices. There are 12 factories on the hit-list, destined for closure.
2. If a terrorist or criminal organization has a hit list, they have a list of people they intend to kill. Sayers believed he was now on a hit list and needed protection.
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a ˈhit list

(informal) a list of people, organizations, etc. against whom some unpleasant action is being planned: The gang have drawn up a hit list of about 50 politicians.Be careful how you speak to her because I think you’re on her hit list.
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hit list

n. a list of people to whom something is going to happen. Ralph is on my hit list for contributing money for the orphans.
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How important it is to "read" a screen effectively may be illustrated by an example of a friend of mine who is an accomplished digital--information literate but could not find what he was looking for because the buttons to browse the hit list were in an unusual place on the page.
A woman accused of plotting to mail cyanide to dozens of doctors and police officers had two hit lists, one of which included the name of a nurse who became ill after tasting a white powder mailed to her as a vitamin supplement, authorities said Tuesday.
I am concerned that defendant may have succeeded in mailing an unknown number of packages to individuals listed on the hit list,'' Taranto said in the statement.
The Billboard Talent Net Top 10 and Radio BTN Top 50 are the first online new talent hit lists to provide an accurate reflection of what an international online audience considers to be the most popular and talented unsigned artists around today.
You need one that is comprehensive without being too broad-one that provides well-structured hit lists with explanations for each.