hit list

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hit list

1. A list of one's enemies who, as such, are subject to acts of violence or vengeance. The politician was shocked to discover his name was on the criminal's hit list.
2. A list of people who are the subject of one's anger for a (real or perceived) wrongdoing. Every employee in the accounting department was on the manager's hit list after he discovered they had been manipulating the books. I have no idea why I'm on Shelly's hit list all of a sudden—I haven't done anything wrong!
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a hit list

1. If someone has a hit list of people or things, they are intending to deal with them or get rid of them. Washington published a hit list of countries guilty of unfair trade practices. There are 12 factories on the hit-list, destined for closure.
2. If a terrorist or criminal organization has a hit list, they have a list of people they intend to kill. Sayers believed he was now on a hit list and needed protection.
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a ˈhit list

(informal) a list of people, organizations, etc. against whom some unpleasant action is being planned: The gang have drawn up a hit list of about 50 politicians.Be careful how you speak to her because I think you’re on her hit list.
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hit list

n. a list of people to whom something is going to happen. Ralph is on my hit list for contributing money for the orphans.
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The Army issued the statement after lawmakers and human rights advocates went to the Supreme Court to seek for a writ of amparo after learning that their names have supposedly been included in the alleged hit list.
But perhaps the controversy can stop with the elimination of the "hit list", or the killing of Muslim targets to be more precise, by an administration whose opponents like to remind us every day that its president is called Barack Hussein Obama.
The parent apparently envisioned seeing 200 students dead, officials said."It started and morphed into a hit list, into 200 kids dying on Friday," Chief Gemme said.
The existence of this so-called hit list was vehemently denied at that time, both by Margaret Thatcher and Ian McGregor.
Post Offices on the hit list will today be gathering support to survive.
Coun Tony Rounthwaite, Lib Dem neighbourhoods and communities chief, accused Labour of scaremongering and said: "The suggestion of a hit list for closure is wrong.
"We really don't believe the headquarters for the American Red Cross or the Daughters of the American Revolution, or any of the lobbying firms are really on al Qaeda's hit list," Thomas said.
Dean Piper, celebrity editor at Loaded magazine, said: 'Charlotte is at the top of our hit list.
But Williams is balking at Schumacher's pounds 13million wage demands and has already drawn up a hit list of replacements, which includes Britain's Jenson Button.
Destined to overtake Paris Hilton's bootleg video on the web hit list within a week.
Education spokesman Coun Neil Foster said: "This isn't a hit list of schools to save money, it's about spending pounds 300m building new schools and adapting existing ones to ensure that we have a network of world-class facilities of the right size in the right place.
The Black Panther Party, the brainchild of Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, was about two years old and was the largest target of the FBI's hit list. Baruch and Jones, a husband and wife team whose photos are as seamlessly blended as their companionship, were granted permission to capture the Panthers in various settings during the year, but mainly at Free Huey rallies at Oakland's DeFremery Park, later to be named Bobby Hutton Memorial Park, in honor of the Panther's first martyr.
How important it is to "read" a screen effectively may be illustrated by an example of a friend of mine who is an accomplished digital--information literate but could not find what he was looking for because the buttons to browse the hit list were in an unusual place on the page.
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