hit it

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1. noun, slang A dose of an illegal drug. When I was at the worst point of my addiction, every waking moment was spent trying to find a way to score my next hit.
2. noun, slang An inhalation of smoke from a cigarette or pipe, especially one filled with drugs. Yo, can I get a hit off that bong?
3. noun, slang A hired or premeditated murder, especially done by a member of an organized crime syndicate. Most people assumed the politician's murder was a hit orchestrated by the mob.
4. noun, informal Someone or something that is very popular and successful on a large scale. She never found much success in America, but she's a huge hit in Japan. I never expected this silly book of mine to become such a big hit.
5. adjective, informal Very popular or successful. The band's hit new song has been on the top of the charts for four weeks straight. The studio's hit film has been breaking box office records.
6. verb, informal To begin traveling on (something). We're hitting the road at 8 AM sharp, so make sure you get to bed early tonight.
7. verb, informal To go to or arrive at (some place). I think I'm going to hit the gym tonight. Why don't we hit the beach this afternoon?
8. verb, vulgar slang To have sex with (someone). Usually used with the pronouns "that" or "it." A: "Wow, look at that chick over there—she's so hot!" B: "Yeah, she is. I would totally hit that!"
9. verb, slang To inhale smoke from (a cigarette or pipe), especially one filled with drugs. You want to hit this pipe, dude?
10. verb, slang To drink (something), especially to an excessive degree. You've been hitting the bottle pretty hard lately. Maybe you should take a break from the drinking.

hit it

To start something (such as a machine) or begin doing something. Usually used as an imperative. Let's get this party started. Hit it, DJ! I've got this thing rigged so that when you hit it, the whole place will light up.
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ˈhit it

(spoken) used to tell somebody to start doing something, such as playing music: Hit it, Louis!
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References in classic literature ?
And they hit it! Because ye were always my dearest, my possession and my possessedness: ON THAT ACCOUNT had ye to die young, and far too early!
And if it's a Bohs-Rovers final, Dublin 4 won't know what's hit it! It would be a hell of a decider.
If the outcome of Brexit severely dam-ages agricultural exports and reduces tariffs on agricultural imports from outside the EU, most of Wales won't know what's hit it!
If the outcome of Brexit severely damages agricultural exports and reduces tariffs on agricultural imports from outside the EU, most of Wales won't know what's hit it!
"Yet he took a minute and 40-something seconds to hit it! I just don't get how it takes that long.
"DADDY, I HIT IT!" my daughter exclaimed as she came off the rifle having fired her first shot.
Hit It! Fitness, a fitness studio with two suburban Chicago locations, is celebrating its sixth anniversary at its flagship studio in Roselle with a "Masquerade Ball." This event, which is open to the public, will be held on Saturday, Feb.
From the stories she told me, Ex On The Beach really won't know what's hit it!
So it's 0-2 and Randy comes up to get the ball from the catcher, Dan Wilson, and looks at me and says, 'Slider.' I yelled at him, 'Throw me that cockeyed fastball and see how far I hit it!' He gets on the mound and shakes off a sign.
The most common cause of poor contact in chip and pitch shots is looking for the ball before you have actually hit it! Lifting your eyes to look for the ball causes your body to rise into impact, which makes it very difficult to deliver an accurate, descending blow to the ball.
But Carney insisted: "Jo Potter asked if we could take the kick quickly and the ref said okay - so I just hit it!" The goal stood and when the game went to penalties it began badly for Blues, Williams having the first spotkick saved.
Barton - who also caught the eye of watching England coach Franco Baldini - told the Chronicle in an exclusive interview: "As far as the goal is concerned, I just hit it!
But then again, my desk at school can sometimes look like a tornado hit it! In this store I definitely needed to find my way around by using the signs hanging from the ceiling.
Regent's Park Labour MP Karen Buck once got the Blues Brothers line: 'It's dark and we're wearing sunglasses - hit it!' into a speech, Mr Pound said.