hit hard

hit (someone or something) hard

To affect someone or something in a profoundly negative way. (Often used in a passive construction.) I know losing his job hit Jeff hard, but he needs to get back up and start looking for work. The recent increases on tariffs has hit importers hard over the last few years.
See also: hard, hit

hit someone hard

Fig. to affect someone's emotions strongly. The death of his friend hit John hard. The investor was hit hard by the falling stock prices.
See also: hard, hit
References in classic literature ?
Crisparkle had just enough of harmless vanity to hope that he had hit hard, and to glow with the belief that he had trimmed the Philanthropic Jacket pretty handsomely.
And how often have I told you," rejoined Tom, "that it'll always go where you want, if you only stick to it and hit hard enough.
No, nor he woon't hev the stick, whether you want it or no," pursued Dagley, throwing out his voice, as if he wanted it to hit hard.
New Delhi, February 14 (ANI): Trade Minister, Kamal Nath on Friday said that India's exports, which have been hit hard by the slowdown in global markets, will grow 12-15 percent in the current fiscal year, which ends in March.
Companies like Computer Associates and Lucent Technologies have been hit hard by fraud claims in recent months, and the whole area remains ripe for misdoing.
The foundation, which has raised close to $1 million since its inception, is part of a growing list of advocacy groups hit hard by fund-raising difficulties.
Patient advocate Catherine Hofstetter, a 46-year old Toronto businesswoman, who has been hit hard by rheumatoid arthritis, is a case in point.
American Tower, which operates wireless communications towers, was hit hard, dropping 72.
Haights Cross chairman/ceo Peter Quandt said the IT publishing industry "has been hit hard by the dotcom implosion.
Auto, Homeowners Hit Hard, Too: While much of the attention after the terror attacks has been on commercial lines losses, New York State Insurance Department Superintendent Gregory Serio pointed out that personal lines were hard hit as well.
Chip-making divisions at the three conglomerates have been hit hard by this year's information-technology slump and the global economic slowdown.
Reece's core business in Stoke-on-Trent makes machinery for the ceramics industry and has been hit hard by the recession-hit pottery industry.
Shot outdoors with a handheld camera in a dreary courtyard, the footage shows, on one screen, a red rubber ball hit hard and quickly; in another it is kept gently aloft.
North Korea was hit hard by devastating floods in 1995 and 1996.
Like a bell, Earth has its own natural frequencies -- or normal modes -- which start ringing if the globe is hit hard enough.