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"By my life, you can hit hard!" he gasped forth, giving back a blow almost while he was yet staggering.
Crisparkle had just enough of harmless vanity to hope that he had hit hard, and to glow with the belief that he had trimmed the Philanthropic Jacket pretty handsomely.
Hit hard by the celebrated Cuff, he hit back smartly, to the best of his ability, on leaving the room.
"And how often have I told you," rejoined Tom, "that it'll always go where you want, if you only stick to it and hit hard enough.
"No, nor he woon't hev the stick, whether you want it or no," pursued Dagley, throwing out his voice, as if he wanted it to hit hard. "You've got no call to come an' talk about sticks o' these primises, as you woon't give a stick tow'rt mending.
The magician was hit hard; it was an emergency that had never happened in his experience before, and it corked him; he didn't know how to meet it.
Summary: Agra (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Sept 4 (ANI): Yet to recover from the setbacks Agra's footwear industry suffered due to demonetisation and Goods and Services Tax (GST), the industry has now been hit hard by floods.
Summary: How we address greenhouse gas emission reductions will help determine the degree of warming - whether we'll be hit hard or hardly hit.
The rain hit hard the newly-sown cotton crops as rainwater is standing in fields minimising the prospects of crop growth.
HYDERABAD -- Almost 60precent of industries in Kotri are hit hard due to crisis of gas, and thousands of workers have been rendered jobless, said president chambers of commerce and industry Jamshro president Malik Iqbal Ghani.
The surge in scrapping underscores how the sector is grappling with one of its worst-ever crises, hit hard after rates for transporting oil plunged to multi-year lows in the wake of excess tanker supply and tepid demand as OPEC production cuts bite.
High prices of rice, onion, chilli, vegetables and other essential commodities this year have hit hard the common people.
ENGLAND have warned Samoa "we hit hard too" as they prepare to face the physical onslaught expected at Twickenham this afternoon.
hard but we who hit hard not many tackle harder Lawes, Joe whoever.