hit hard

hit (someone or something) hard

To affect someone or something in a profoundly negative way. Often used in a passive construction. I know losing his job hit Jeff hard, but he needs to get back up and start looking for work. The recent increase on tariffs has hit importers hard.
See also: hard, hit

hit someone hard

Fig. to affect someone's emotions strongly. The death of his friend hit John hard. The investor was hit hard by the falling stock prices.
See also: hard, hit
References in classic literature ?
Crisparkle had just enough of harmless vanity to hope that he had hit hard, and to glow with the belief that he had trimmed the Philanthropic Jacket pretty handsomely.
Hit hard by the celebrated Cuff, he hit back smartly, to the best of his ability, on leaving the room.
And how often have I told you," rejoined Tom, "that it'll always go where you want, if you only stick to it and hit hard enough.
No, nor he woon't hev the stick, whether you want it or no," pursued Dagley, throwing out his voice, as if he wanted it to hit hard.
ENGLAND have warned Samoa "we hit hard too" as they prepare to face the physical onslaught expected at Twickenham this afternoon.
hard but we who hit hard not many tackle harder Lawes, Joe whoever.
Summary: All government departments in Fujairah have continued its efforts to get the Fujairah Free Zone on its normal track, after it was hit hard by the heavy rains which lashed the emirate, causing enormous damage.
expand the IMF's capacity to help low-income countries hit hard by the current global crisis.
Approximately 10 seconds after the degradation of power, the airplane "hit hard, skidded, hit hard again, came to a stop, and the cockpit was immediately engulfed in flames.
But I think there is a difference when you re not supposed to win, you hit hard and then, when you become the favorite you have to understand how to deal with that pressure every week.
The LCCI Senior Vice President Tahir Javaid Malik said the Board must re-assess the WT increase declining the exports, which already hit hard by the power shortage and poor law and order situation.
Summary: Algerian exports plunged by almost half in the first six months of 2009, hit hard by the fall in the oil price, official figures showed on Monday.
Manufacturing is being hit hard due to lack of funding, high capital requirements, slashing of investment budgets and consumer spending on durable goods.
Summary: Trade Minister, Kamal Nath on Friday said that India's exports, which have been hit hard by the slowdown in global markets, will grow 12-15 percent in the current fiscal year, which ends in March.
2 : to hit hard <The batter belted the ball over the fence.