hit below the belt

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hit someone below the belt

1. Lit. [for a boxer] to strike an opponent below the belt. (An unfair blow.) The champ hit the contender below the belt and the crowd began to boo like fury. Fred was hit below the belt and suffered considerably.
2. Fig. to deal someone an unfair blow. That's not fair! You told them I was the one who ordered the wrong-size carpet. That's hitting me below the belt. Todd hit below the belt when he said it was all her fault because she had become ill during the trip.
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Dan Lydiate was also prepared to hit below the belt, but a little too low when he handed Jules Plisson an easy kick.
I don't hold against them such a response while being hit below the belt.
But they have never hit below the belt, their tweets have been critical, of course, but highly witty, satirical and fun to read.
The Armenian authorities hit below the belt of the people when they sank the fact of the gas tariff growth, deputy
Those whom Cowasjee's writings hit below the belt, particularly in the environment establishment and the land and property mafia, had dubbed him as 'Bacwasjee' and he was often threatened with dire consequences.
There's nothing the matter with a little professional rivalry, but don't hit below the belt, I told them.
But his 26th victory and second win in Las Vegas was disputed by veteran southpaw Judah, who claimed he had been hit below the belt.
When they could not get what they wanted, they hit below the belt.