hit below the belt

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hit someone below the belt

1. Lit. [for a boxer] to strike an opponent below the belt. (An unfair blow.) The champ hit the contender below the belt and the crowd began to boo like fury. Fred was hit below the belt and suffered considerably.
2. Fig. to deal someone an unfair blow. That's not fair! You told them I was the one who ordered the wrong-size carpet. That's hitting me below the belt. Todd hit below the belt when he said it was all her fault because she had become ill during the trip.
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I've had opponents try to gouge my eyes out, hit with their elbows, hit you on the back of the head, hit below the belt.
Yet while complaining that the Times had hit below the belt by suggesting vulgar political motives in war, Bush officials also said something that escaped further notice: They protested that the Times account revealed national security information.
Madness and mayhem as ideological sparring partners Edward Norton and Brad Pitt hit below the belt in David Fincher's brilliant satire of soulless consumerism at the end of the 20th century.
I never hit below the belt, I never use the Cyprus problem for other purposes," said Garoyian.
Patrick then hit below the belt saying: "From where I was I could see your belly and that was from right at the back of the room.
They want to use every method they can and they hit below the belt.