hit at

hit at (someone or something)

To strike at someone or something Good luck wrangling a toddler as she's screaming and hitting at you mid-tantrum.
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hit at someone or something

to strike at someone or something. The injured man hit at the nurses who were trying to help him. I hit at the wall to see how solid it was.
See also: hit
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References in classic literature ?
Hit at his body too; we'll take care of his frontispiece by-and-by."
During the question answer session senators appreciated the role of HIT in strengthening the defence of Pakistan and assured full support to HIT at all national forums in overcoming its problems.
"I tried the switch hit at the nets and in the process, did my side in, and I haven't tried it since."
When Mahela Jayawardane retired from T20 cricket, he said it was the freedom to hit at will that really kept him going in the shortest format of the game.
Most of the time when the pitcher is throwing from the stretch and a ball is hit at an infielder, the plays at the plate won't be close.
"You have to hit at least 25 homers to be a hero today.
The song topped the charts in more than 20 countries, and when Martin sang the international hit at this year's Grammy awards show, he brought down the house.
We believe that the power hitter can benefit just as much as the slap hitter from bunting for a hit at times, and he can benefit even more by forcing the infielders to shorten up their defensive positions and open up the hitting lane to that side of the infield.
The ball can be hit at 75% velocity to the deep corners (2), going past the defensive players too high to be played, but falling in bounds.