hit against

hit against (someone or something)

To strike someone or something. Hail hit against me as I ran from my car to the building. We need to reposition that couch—the door hits against it every time someone comes in.
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hit against someone or something

to strike against someone or something. The door hit against me as I went through. The door hit against my foot as I went out.
See also: hit
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But, into the same net, Andros Townsend's hit against Manchester City (left) was as pure a strike as you are ever likely to see.
The double hundred that he has hit against Zimbabwe has only pushed his case further for being a tremendous force to be reckoned with as the 2019 World Cup is right around the corner.
Both teams scored in the first inning with Windy City manufacturing a run without a hit against Schaumburg starter Sam Myers, who was signed before the game.
Having hit the first four deliveries of the match for fours, the opener was caught on the fifth as he attempted a big hit against slow left-armer Haroon Sadaqat.
Then with half time imminent, Jake Lovatt teed up Cocks whose shot hit against the angle of post and crossbar before Muzzy Nduna drilled the rebound beneath Crane.
I would put on the lights in the garden and hit against the wall hundreds of times.
48 - Winners Konta hit against Simona Halep in Tuesday's quarter-final.
The attack, which both Israel and Bulgaria blamed on Hezbollah, was the deadliest hit against Israelis abroad since 2004.
A hit against criminals" Santos wrote on his Twitter account.
Motors and crushers can be loud, truck engines, places where metal might hit against metal, hammers that are hit against metal, and even loud power tools and landscape tools.
A 30-year-old Emirati was killed in an accident when the car he was driving hit against a heavy truck on Emirates Road, Dubai.
"He believes he can play and can get a big hit against a guy," North coach Corey Nicholsen said of Stapley.
Wade said: "The first nine-darter here (Brendan Dolan's in 2011) was hit against me.
Dandiya is often performed at night using decorative sticks, which are hit against each other to the rhythm of traditional songs.