hit against

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hit against someone or something

to strike against someone or something. The door hit against me as I went through. The door hit against my foot as I went out.
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Earlier, daily Phileleftheros reported that security forces were on high alert after receiving information about a possible hit against aircraft of Russian interests at Larnaca airport.
New York: The US dollar took a hit against most major currencies Friday after a disappointing jobs report suggested the Federal Reserve's easy-money policies may not be reversed anytime soon.
The US dollar and Japanese yen both took a hit against the commodity dollars on Monday, as risk appetite improved after the Group of 20 (G20) concluded their summit with a pledge to keep "continue to implement decisively our necessary financial support measures and expansionary monetary and fiscal policies-until recovery is secured.
The youngster's parents claimed he was grabbed by the scruff of the neck and had his head hit against a wall several times.
Mariah, who teamed up with Westlife for her hit Against All Odds, was appearing to mark the start of her Charmbracelet Tour, demonstrating that her fragile self-confidence has returned.
In the charging box, whirling flakes hit against each other and the walls, acquiring a static charge based on their triboelectric order.
Now companies are required to take a hit against earnings and report as a separate charge the shortfall between what price an option scheme offers shares and the SEC's estimation of what the fair valuation of the stock is.
CHARLIE DRESSEN, one-time major league managing great, on happiness, big league style: "The only person who can be happy all day long is either an idiot or a left-handed hitter who is suddenly called home for a funeral on the day he is scheduled to hit against Sandy Koufax.
His cover of the Phil Collins hit Against All Odds is set to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for survivors.
Manager Gary Kirk revealed he had brought Elliott back from Dover because he still remembers the wonder goal he hit against Cowden.
Knowing what each type of hitter was going to hit against me in any particular at-bat, I could now choose the best pitch, or pitch combination, to use against a particular hitter in a particular situation.