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1. noun, slang A dose of an illegal drug. When I was at the worst point of my addiction, every waking moment was spent trying to find a way to score my next hit.
2. noun, slang An inhalation of smoke from a cigarette or pipe, especially one filled with drugs. Yo, can I get a hit off that bong?
3. noun, slang A hired or premeditated murder, especially done by a member of an organized crime syndicate. Most people assumed the politician's murder was a hit orchestrated by the mob.
4. noun, informal Someone or something that is very popular and successful on a large scale. She never found much success in America, but she's a huge hit in Japan. I never expected this silly book of mine to become such a big hit.
5. adjective, informal Very popular or successful. The band's hit new song has been on the top of the charts for four weeks straight. The studio's hit film has been breaking box office records.
6. verb, informal To begin traveling on (something). We're hitting the road at 8 AM sharp, so make sure you get to bed early tonight.
7. verb, informal To go to or arrive at (some place). I think I'm going to hit the gym tonight. Why don't we hit the beach this afternoon?
8. verb, vulgar slang To have sex with (someone). Usually used with the pronouns "that" or "it." A: "Wow, look at that chick over there—she's so hot!" B: "Yeah, she is. I would totally hit that!"
9. verb, slang To inhale smoke from (a cigarette or pipe), especially one filled with drugs. You want to hit this pipe, dude?
10. verb, slang To drink (something), especially to an excessive degree. You've been hitting the bottle pretty hard lately. Maybe you should take a break from the drinking.

hit it

To start something (such as a machine) or begin doing something. Usually used as an imperative. Let's get this party started. Hit it, DJ! I've got this thing rigged so that when you hit it, the whole place will light up.
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hit me

1. In blackjack, a request for the dealer to give one another card. I was still pretty far from 21, so I said, "Hit me!" A: "A jack of spades and a two of hearts. That's 12." B: "Hit me."
2. slang Go ahead and ask me your question or tell me what you were going to say. A: "I've got the sales numbers back." B: "OK, hit me." A: "Well, it's not great." A: "Boss, could I ask you something?" B: "Sure, Tom. Hit me."
3. slang A request for another alcoholic drink. Yeah, I'll take another shot—hit me!
4. slang A request for someone to give one a high five (slapping one's raised hand, as in a show of congratulation or celebration). Hit me, my friend! How've you been?
See also: hit
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hit someone

Fig. [of a meaning] being understood by someone. I didn't understand what she was getting at until it suddenly hit me. She was asking for a ride home.
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ˈhit it

(spoken) used to tell somebody to start doing something, such as playing music: Hit it, Louis!
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1. n. a success; something that meets with approval. (Often with with.) The fudge with nuts in it was a great hit at the sale.
2. n. a successful result; something that is exactly as intended. Your idea was right on target—a hit for sure.
3. n. a drink of liquor; a dose of a drug. (see also bop.) He had a hit of sauce and went out to finish his work.
4. tv. to reach something; to achieve something. I hit sixty next month, and I’m going to retire.
5. tv. to kill someone; to assassinate someone. (Underworld.) The thug set out to hit the mayor, but got nabbed first.
6. tv. to attack or rob someone or something. (Underworld.) Can you believe that they tried to hit a block party on Fourth Street?
7. n. a robbery; an assassination. (Underworld.) There was a hit at the bank on Maple Street last night.

Hit me

1. and hit me again tv. [in gambling] Deal me a card. Hit me again, dealer!
2. tv. Give me the high five. Hit me! Where you been? Hit me again!
3. and hit me again tv. Serve me (another) drink. Hit me again, bartender.
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* Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE:ICE) shares were up 0.47% on Thursday to hit a new 52-week high of $95.00 for a change of up 0.47%.
The federal minister also visited HIT display center showcasing battle tanks including Al-Khalid Tank, Al- Zarrar Tank, Armoured Personnel Carrier, Bullet proof vehicles and jackets.
- Bev Miller took a no-hitter into the sixth inning and Lovie Lopez had four hits to lead Oregon State to an 11-2 victory over UC Davis at the DeMarini Classic softball tournament Saturday.
Sometimes, while trying to hit the ball as far as you can, you could find the fielder outside the ring.
Sullivan's heparin infusion, the nurse should begin to suspect HIT when the patient's platelets drop from the baseline value of 350,000/[mm.sup.3] to what level?
As in a dynamic test like this there are many sources of noise, a lot of precautions were taken in order to prevent spurious hits. So rubber layers and teflon films were inserted between any surfaces whose contact could generate friction noise, and four guard sensors were placed near the bottom end of the columns to prevent noise generated by the contact between the base plate of the columns and the shake table.
He hits the bottom of the cue ball to make it spin backward, even as it moves forward.
It is a higher percentage play in high school to sacrifice, steal, or hit and run, especially with a weaker-hitting bottom of the order.
Architect Arpad Baksa's architecture and Joanna Frank's interior design combined with The Hit Factory's storied musical past have resulted in unique and inviting living and common spaces.
On that hole, you definitely want to hit the green from the tee, because any sort of approach shot, including the several my partner and I attempted because we didn't hit the green on the first stroke, over that bunker is very intimidating.
The hit the reinsurance market took on the heels of the hurricanes likely will impact pricing and capacity--effects already being felt by some alternative risk vehicles.
Some of the most popularly disseminated 9/11 scenarios assert, for instance, that the Pentagon and the Twin Towers were not hit by the hijacked commercial airliners, but by missiles and/or military planes.
For example, in the left uppermost cell, the hitter batted four times in the first game and failed to get a hit (0000).
That's a huge leap from Minogue's '80s-era heyday as a key cog in the Stock Aitken Waterman hit machine, during which she dutifully chirped ditties like "Better the Devil You Know," "Shocked," "The Loco-Motion," and "I Should Be So Lucky" (the latter two were hits in the States), among numerous other frothy anthems that rendered her a turntable staple in gay nightclubs.
"You have to hit a good tee shot and you have to keep it to the right because everything will feed to the left.