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hissy (fit)

Rur. a tantrum. (Often with throw. Probably refers to an angry, hissing cat.) Jane practically has a hissy fit every time she gets a run in her nylons. The boss is really mad today. It's just one hissy fit after another.
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As for the others, Antony Cotton had the first hissy fit - but fair play to him for overcoming it and jumping out of the helicopter - while Fatima Whitbread seems to be able to irritate her jungle "pals" without even trying.
His "very close friend" saying he wants to quit Real Madrid is either a very cynical move - or a supreme hissy fit.
The world champion (right), whose title defence is now out of his hands, threw a hissy fit at the Japanese Grand Prix and declared he would severely restrict his media work.
Firstly he threw a hissy fit when besotted Cumberbitches kept filming him on their iPhones during previews.
Baldasaro, a Republican, threw a hissy fit earlier this month after learning that photos of his recent wedding that were posted on Facebook weren't just for the viewing of his friends.
SO Russell Brand has taken a hissy fit over innocent questions by Graham Norton about his personal life and the failure of his marriage to Katy Perry.
I'd hissy my put I went from Donny to Duran Duran and then.
I get the impression that many modern footballers are not that bothered whether they play or not, and some of those who are bothered feel an appropriate way to show disappointment is to throw a hissy fit and take their ball home.
HISSY FIT: One of the creatures to avoid There is also a whole array of creepers, crawlers and slitherers to be wary of, if not avoided altogether.
But the Italians have introduced the word 'cassanata' - meaning tantrum - after Antonio Cassano, the former Roma striker who is known for his hissy fits.
The pictures of David Beckham having a hissy fit because he was being photographed annoyed me.
FASHION DESIGNER KARL LAGERFELD He threw a hissy fit when H&M enlarged his latest range to fit the average British female -- size 14 -16.
A man was found guilty yesterday of causing misery to thousands of motorists after he held up motorway traffic for eight hours in a 'puerile hissy fit'.