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hissy (fit)

Rur. a tantrum. (Often with throw. Probably refers to an angry, hissing cat.) Jane practically has a hissy fit every time she gets a run in her nylons. The boss is really mad today. It's just one hissy fit after another.
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My two joined in with a spot of dancing, shouting and clapping and the hissy fits were thankfully banished.
And you can bet your bottom dollar they'll look gorgeous on the Hollywood red carpet next month' no weird frock and no hissy fits about photographs.
On the other hand, life in the Championship looks pretty much assured given their hissy fits this week.
Instead of throwing a hissy fit like some stars, she waited patiently.
Thousands of innocent people were left stuck on the motorway for more than nine hours while the 32-year-old had a "puerile hissy fit, playing Russian roulette with the lives of innocent people," said Michael Auty, prosecuting.
Its captain is, literally, a cat lady named Amelia, and Emma Thompson sounds thoroughly amused to be elocuting her hissy, smarter-than-the-room put-downs.
As Libby Holden, superduper lesbian campaign operative for weaselly presidential candidate Jack Stanton (John Travolta), Bates gets to do it all--wear a cowboy hat, drive a pickup, get the girl, and throw a climactic hissy fit that will make your worst breakup look like a sorority tea.
This is why fans get annoyed with Cockneys sneaking in under the grandparent rule and players who take a hissy fit and retire from international football.
Luckily for him there's no one better at throwing a hissy fit than the stroppy, sentimental songsmith.
We just threw a hissy fit and said we weren't going to play it.
The shut-out Electra had a hissy fit that almost shattered windows.
Instead he leaves in the hissy fits, the diva turns, the withholding, and the outbursts.
Meanwhile, Amanda Holden also had a hissy fit after fellow judge David Hasselhoff grabbed the best dressing room.
A close pal of Lindsay's revealed: " She decided to try and crash the party and had a huge hissy fit when she wasn't allowed in.
BIG Brother's most hated housemate threw a hissy fit when she didn't get a birthday party yesterday.