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hiss at someone or something

1. [for a reptile] to make a hissing sound as a warning. The snake hissed at me. Otherwise I wouldn't have known it was there. The lizard hissed at the snake.
2. [for someone] to make a hissing sound at someone to show disapproval. The audience hissed at the performer, who was not all that bad. They hissed at all three acts.
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hiss someone off (of the stage)

Fig. [for the audience] to hiss and drive a performer off the stage. The boys in the front row tried to hiss her off the stage. The audience, angry with the quality of the singers, tried to hiss them all off.
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hiss something out

Fig. to say something with a hissing voice, usually in anger or disgust. The disgusted manager hissed his appraisal out. He hissed out his criticism.
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The aircraft, which was on its way from Paris, France to Rome, Italy, had to land because a hissing noise was coming from one of its doors, according to Apcom, an Italian news service.
The rush of air makes a hissing sound that scares away hungry enemies.
Housed in terrariums were two breeds of giant roach, the Madagascar hissing cockroach--familiar to those who tune into Fear Factor--and another, even grimmer looking breed called the Cave Cockroach, about the size of two silver dollars and sheathed in large translucent wings.
Mr Lusis said the bugs were known as hissing cockroaches because of their ability to hiss like a snake, a method used to scare away their main predators - birds.
A hissing sound or blowing dirt may also indicate a possible natural gas leak.
The man, 30, picked up the box from items left at the recycling centre and heard a hissing noise coming from it seconds before it exploded.
Last year thousands of hopeless romantics from around the world named real live Madagascar hissing cockroaches at the Wildlife Conservation Society's Bronx Zoo after their favourite loved one, "ex," or mother-in-law.
Their every step is accompanied by a chorus of high-pitched hissing from the legions of under-12s who are packing out theatres all across Scotland.
Kevin Warwick had attempted to buy a ticket for his 'cat' on board a flight from London-Heathrow to Russia, but BA staff apparently failed to accept that his 'cat' -- actually a 4ft long, 2ft high robot called Hissing Sid -- was not in fact an 'animal' though the robotic nature of the 'cat' was explained.
Current linguistic wisdom holds that combinations of hissing sounds such as "f" or "s," which are known as fricatives, only occur serially.
Heating/Cooling: If you have a hot water system, you may need to bleed each baseboard or radiator by opening each air vent a quarter turn while the system is hot, and leaving it open until air flow (and hissing sound) stops and a tiny stream of water sprays out.
Melbourne, Oct 27 (ANI): An American pet shop owner is just a step away from entering the famed Guinness World Records after he stuffed 16 Madagascar hissing cockroaches into his mouth.
She said: "It was huge and it just sat there hissing and looking at me.
That night, a total of four dozen roaches of the 3-inch-long, hissing Madagascar variety were eaten in the name of fast movement through the line.
Stealthily, the American approaches the hissing creature.