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hiss at someone or something

1. [for a reptile] to make a hissing sound as a warning. The snake hissed at me. Otherwise I wouldn't have known it was there. The lizard hissed at the snake.
2. [for someone] to make a hissing sound at someone to show disapproval. The audience hissed at the performer, who was not all that bad. They hissed at all three acts.
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hiss someone off (of the stage)

Fig. [for the audience] to hiss and drive a performer off the stage. The boys in the front row tried to hiss her off the stage. The audience, angry with the quality of the singers, tried to hiss them all off.
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hiss something out

Fig. to say something with a hissing voice, usually in anger or disgust. The disgusted manager hissed his appraisal out. He hissed out his criticism.
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Hisses were heard from the Labour benches when he presented the petition yesterday.
Chambers told of a long, dose relationship between his family and the Hisses.
Says zoologist (animal expert) Sue Jones at the University of Tasmania: "It also hisses ferociously
The latter is a choice piece of evidence that does indeed have a contemporary source -- a letter from Chambers to Solow dated January 1939 -- but it is not clear whether it is in the letter or only the book that the Hisses are mentioned by name.