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hiss (someone) off (the stage)

To indicate one's displeasure for a performer by making hissing noises to such a disruptive extent that the performer leaves the stage. "Of" can also be used between "off" and "the." That crowd at this place is notoriously ruthless, so don't be shocked if they hiss you off the stage.
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hiss at (someone or something)

To indicate one's displeasure by making a hissing noise at someone or something. A: "Mommy, the cat hissed at me again!" B: "Well, maybe you should stop screaming in her face." The comedian cringed when the audience hissed at one of his jokes.
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hiss out

To say something in a hissing manner, as through one's clenched teeth, typically due to anger. A noun or pronoun can be used between "hiss" and "out." Mom hissed out a command to be quiet as everyone in church turned around to look at Tommy and me.
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hissing hot

Very hot. Cook the casserole in the oven for 40 minutes or until it is golden brown and hissing hot. The pavement is hissing hot in the sun, so please be careful!
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hiss at someone or something

1. [for a reptile] to make a hissing sound as a warning. The snake hissed at me. Otherwise I wouldn't have known it was there. The lizard hissed at the snake.
2. [for someone] to make a hissing sound at someone to show disapproval. The audience hissed at the performer, who was not all that bad. They hissed at all three acts.
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hiss someone off (of the stage)

Fig. [for the audience] to hiss and drive a performer off the stage. The boys in the front row tried to hiss her off the stage. The audience, angry with the quality of the singers, tried to hiss them all off.
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hiss something out

Fig. to say something with a hissing voice, usually in anger or disgust. The disgusted manager hissed his appraisal out. He hissed out his criticism.
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As he moved to bag the snake, the cobra reared, hissed, and spit at him.
LABOUR councillor George Duggins (Longford) was hissed by some of his own side when he presented a petition to a full meeting of Coventry City Council.
It was so aggressive and even hissed when it ran at me.
A WICKED fairy godmother from a Christmas panto was booed and hissed during a walkabout in a Staffordshire shopping centre.
And they fled when the small panther hissed at them and bared its teeth.