hiss off

hiss (someone) off (the stage)

To indicate one's displeasure for a performer by making hissing noises to such a disruptive extent that the performer leaves the stage. "Of" can also be used between "off" and "the." That crowd at this place is notoriously ruthless, so don't be shocked if they hiss you off the stage.
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hiss someone off (of the stage)

Fig. [for the audience] to hiss and drive a performer off the stage. The boys in the front row tried to hiss her off the stage. The audience, angry with the quality of the singers, tried to hiss them all off.
See also: hiss, off
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Adam would have rammed the serpent's tail into its mouth and told it to hiss off.
HISS OFF: The chameleons change colour to scare away
Noise and vibration levels have been thoroughly quashed, to the extent that you are aware of wind hiss off the pillars and door mirrors, even at moderate speeds.
HISS OFF: Flo ready for catfight Pictures: SOLENT NEWS & PICTURES; FELINE ALL ALONE: Louise with her man-hating pet cat Flo
Ask the engine to work hard and the decibels do rise and there is some wind hiss off the big frame, but generally not bad.
The fact that you can hear a little wind hiss off the frame is purely down to that engine and surface peace and you can easily hold a low-tone conversation in the Vectra.