hiss at

hiss at (someone or something)

To indicate one's displeasure by making a hissing noise at someone or something. A: "Mommy, the cat hissed at me again!" B: "Well, maybe you should stop screaming in her face." The comedian cringed when the audience hissed at one of his jokes.
See also: hiss

hiss at someone or something

1. [for a reptile] to make a hissing sound as a warning. The snake hissed at me. Otherwise I wouldn't have known it was there. The lizard hissed at the snake.
2. [for someone] to make a hissing sound at someone to show disapproval. The audience hissed at the performer, who was not all that bad. They hissed at all three acts.
See also: hiss
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Thus, Shelton's claim that Hiss at the 1945 Yalta Con- ference met with Soviet general Mikhail
"I just screamed and screamed, which was probably the wrong thing to do as it started to hiss at me even more.
He then introduced their counsel Ms Beverley Lang and, to much mirth, pointed to barrister Mr Graham Stoker, telling them he was the "big bad wicked man" who was representing Swindon Borough Council, and they were allowed to hiss at him.