(one's) (own) way

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(one's) (own) way

What one wants; the manner in which one wants or demands something to be done. Our toddler is so stubborn. If he doesn't get his way, he throws a total tantrum. Don't bother arguing—the boss has to have it done her own way, or she won't sign off on anything you do.
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*one's (own) way (with someone or something)

[get/have] one's control over someone or something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~.) The mayor got his way with the city council. He seldom gets his own way. How often do you have your way with your own money? Parents usually have their way with their children.
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*one's (own) way

one's way of doing something; one's will or desire. (*Typically: get ~; have ~.) She always has to have her own way. She thinks no one else can do it right.
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1. mod. extremely; totally. Oh, this is way gross!
2. interj. There is too a way!, as an answer to No way! A: I won’t do it. No way! B: Way! Yes, you will.
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References in classic literature ?
Wade understood far better than her husband would have supposed that, in his own way, his married life had been as starved as her own; oh, far more so, for she had her boy.
Still, he had his own ways of making me understand by the tone of his voice or the touch of the rein.
I thank Him hearty for having guided of me, in His own ways, to my darling!'
Of the things he would have bought if he had been left to his own ways I say nothing.
Then the orator sketched for our benefit some terrible instances of such incontinence, and concluded by informing us that for some time past he had been mending his own ways, and conducting himself in exemplary fashion, for the reason that he had perceived the justice of his son's precepts, and had laid them to heart so well that he, the father, had really changed for the better: in proof whereof, he now begged to present to the said son some books for which he had long been setting aside his savings.
He was not one of any school, our General; he had his own ways, and we loved both him and them; and I believe that he loved the rough but gallant corps that bore his name.
'God, indeed, has His own ways, different from ours.
The Pandan MP said Azmin has his own ways of helping the party, following a remark by Rafizi Ramli, who is contesting Azmin's post.
"The artist always has his own ways of supporting and standing up for public issues.
Yes - this is (for the most part) a guy and his guitar - but just like most of the other guys-with-guitars who stand out in Northern Ireland - Rory has his own ways of doing things, a quirky take on what makes a good hook, a unique approach to song structure and production - and - always - an interesting story to tell or message to portray.
"We've a new manager with his own ways of doing things so you've got to adapt.
co.uk after having to find his own ways of retaining his 'Welshness' while attending college outside his homeland.
Honest and brave, like his mother, he has courageously confessed to the error of his own ways in dabbling with drugs.
"Brian has his own ways and is sticking to them," said Dunne.