(one's) own man/woman/person

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(one's) own man/woman/person

Independent in action or thought; not accepting or swayed by outside influences. When I was younger, I would do anything my friends were doing, but I'm my own person now. You won't be able to manipulate her—she's really her own woman. You can't just accept everything you read in the media—you have to be your own man.
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(one's) own man

Independent in judgment and action.
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(one's) own woman

Independent in judgment or action: She has always been her own woman.
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His Own Man, a wonderfullyresearched biography provides readers with more than a tale about Peltzer's life.
But in the end he went with his own man in the ex-Italy and Chelsea star when Xia's takeover from Randy Lerner was ratified this week.
1 after landing the Bluebirds' top job - and immediately insisted he's ready to prove he's his own man.
PATRICK McELENEY needs to be his own man at Dundalk and not get bogged down filling Richie Towell's boots.
He's worked closely with Brian and myself and you just knew he was going to develop into his own man.
Russell is his own man and one day he'll be his own man.
THE 'Sack Pardew' campaign is a waste of time - Mike Ashley is his own man and he will not be influenced by a supporters' campaign to sack the manager.
That may all sound like a director's indulgence but the lad's attempts to cope with heartbreak, bullying and severe family dysfunction while struggling to become his own man are quietly astonishing.
But I never expected it to last - because Roy Keane is his own man.
The insider added that Brooklyn wanted to make his own money and be his own man, which has delighted David and Victoria, adding that is a testament to their parenting skills.
When asked about O'Neill's determination to allow him to be his own man, he said: "There's nothing to tame.
Whiteley had to present the public face of the Bluebirds and held a number of meetings with fans to try to convince them of the need for the team to play in red Just a few months on, it seems club owner Vincent Tan will bring in his own man, with Simon Lim taking over the key role.
President Ahmadi-nejad outmaneuvered Ali-Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani this week and got his own man appointed as chancellor of Azad University, one of the world's largest universities.
But Van the Man has long been his own man and his voice is still as good as it gets in rock and roll.
While Zemmama has a similar diminutive build to the Brazilian World Cup winner and likes to dribble the ball in the attacking third, he is very much his own man.