(one's) next of kin

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(one's) next of kin

One's closest living relative. Now that the body has been identified, we'll have to notify his next of kin of his death. The will specifies that her next of kin will be entitled to her entire estate.
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one's next of kin

one's closest living relative or relatives. The police notified the dead man's next of kin. My next of kin lives 800 miles away.
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your ˌnext of ˈkin

(formal) your closest living relative or relatives: The hospital need to contact her next of kin — she is very ill indeed.This form must be signed by your next of kin.
Kin is an old word for your family or your relatives.
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References in classic literature ?
Vanstone having died intestate, a third of his fortune would go to his widow; and the rest would be divided among his next of kin. As children born out of wedlock, Mr.
Half the sum due to my father has thus passed into my hands as his next of kin; and the other half is to follow in course of time.
His next of kin were informed and Police investigation continues.
Anyone with information to find his next of kin is asked to contact Coroner's Investigation Officer Lisa McElvogue on 0151 233 0128 or emailLisa.McElvogue@liverpool.gov.uk.
Darran Mann was found on Friday, August 10, and Liverpool and Wirral Coroner's Office are now appealing for information to identify his next of kin.
NEXT OF KINHe said they were aware of fraudsters who might want to grab it saying they decided to involve the administration to ensure the rightful owner or his next of kin occupies the piece."We just want him to come claim his parcel of land.
A spokesman said: "His next of kin were informed on Saturday."
His Saudi sponsor, who died six years ago, requested his next of kin to pay the benefits to the man if he could be found after his return to Sri Lanka.
"Unfortunately, there was only limited information available as to the identity of the deceased and police commenced an inquiry to establish details of his next of kin.
The man has been formally identified by his next of kin and a report has been prepared for the coroner.
A MUCH-LOVED Welshman who was found dead above a London pub faces a pauper's funeral unless his next of kin can be found.
Mr Chapman, who lived in the Stockton area for more than 20 years, died recently at the University of North Tees but the hospital have no details for his next of kin.
"Police are in the process of informing his next of kin."
It is now appealing to anyone who knows Mr Antaz to come forward with information on how to reach his next of kin.
The man was taken to hospital with serious injuries and police said his next of kin had been informed.